Five Power BI visuals every PMO should apply, and why

Building clear and readable (Power BI) reports can make a big difference in project success. And, assisting Project Managers in this effort, a Project Management Office might apply Power BI to create these reports and maybe even dashboards.

On its own, Power BI is a great tool. But with the addition of custom visuals, it becomes even better.

I have reviewed a large number of visuals on my YouTube Channel, always with the mindset of helping the PMO be successful with Microsoft technology. In this article I’ll discuss 5 custom visuals I believe every PMO should apply. Let’s “get more visuals”!

The Get more visuals menu in Power BI.
Access to the AppSource menu in Power BI.
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Project for the web Feedback portal update July 2022

I’ve skipped over May and June, it has been a very busy time for me. And I didn’t want to rush any new post just for the sake of consistency.

Welcome to a special update post, today I want to zoom in on a specific Project for the web feature request. This request came in through one of the newsletter subscribers, Jared Kay (who makes lovely handmade American furniture). But first, let’s look at the progress of the other requests on the feedback portal.

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The VAT liable resources case

I received a question from one of the TPC newsletter members. Rob thanks for this, hope you can use this post for your question. Rob wanted to know how I would approach this situation:

With the projects I work on some costs are liable to a value added tax charge and others are not.  How do I get Project 2016 to calculate VAT on those charges to which it applies while omitting it from those which do not so that I get an accurate overall cost budget.

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The Project Online administrator links

This is a DIY post about creating The Project Online administrator links, a Promoted links list with a couple of the most used administrator actions for Project Online. I’ve created the administrator links in Project Online, but it can also be created in much the same way in PPM 2013 and 2016.

The Project Online administrator Links

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Build custom bar styles in Project Center using Project Server and Project Online

Hi there,

Creating custom bar styles for a schedule brings out the artist in us. I have seen schedules that would make a Rainbow jealous (more on that later). Creating a bar style on the project center view however, is not easy. It could be very useful, because it can show the phases of a project without the need to open that schedule. Ideal for portfolio managers or PMO members.

This is a Do it Yourself post on how to achieve a Project Center view with phase colors. It can be applied for Project Server 2010, 2013 and Project Online. I could say it works for 2007 as well, but I have not been able to test this theory. All examples shown are created within Project Online.

—- Edit 2018 —–

Guillaume Rouyre, a Project MVP with his personal blog took the concepts in this post to add his twist to the solution. Take a look at the post, I’m sure you will like it: Click here.

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Updating the visual reports in MS Project 2010 and 2013

Hello readers,

Recently I got to be more active on the Linkedin forums, and I came across an interesting post that could use some elaboration. It concerns the Visual Reports within Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013. As a standard, these reports are created using old Excel templates. But what if you want to use some nice new features? You would need to save that sheet and move away from the compatibility mode. In this post I will share the things you can do to create stunning reports.

Update feb 2016 —————

Hi there, I uploaded my own versions of the Excel Reports to TechNet (they are also available from the TPC OneDrive). Here is the link to the gallery:


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Building a scope creep view

Dominic Moss commented on the about baselines post with a nice suggestion. He talks about creating a view that shows a bar that gives the difference between actual finish dates and the proposed finish date captured in baseline(n). I told him that I would consider building this view and posting it on my blog. Today is that day Dominic, and I hope you like what I have done with your suggestion. Let’s build this:

Scope Creep View Finished
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