Five Power BI visuals every PMO should apply, and why

Building clear and readable (Power BI) reports can make a big difference in project success. And, assisting Project Managers in this effort, a Project Management Office might apply Power BI to create these reports and maybe even dashboards.

On its own, Power BI is a great tool. But with the addition of custom visuals, it becomes even better.

I have reviewed a large number of visuals on my YouTube Channel, always with the mindset of helping the PMO be successful with Microsoft technology. In this article I’ll discuss 5 custom visuals I believe every PMO should apply. Let’s “get more visuals”!

The Get more visuals menu in Power BI.
Access to the AppSource menu in Power BI.
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Two favorite Project reports, Online edition

Four years ago I published the 3 favorite Microsoft Project reports post. And for the second year in a row it’s the most visited post on TPC. By far! And with two thousand views already this year, I’m expecting another clear winner this year (runner up “About percent complete” is good for almost half that amount of views).

It’s difficult to recreate good “ever green” content, it’s clear that the article has everything people look for. Maybe it’s the list of actions required for a successful report in Microsoft Project. Or maybe it’s because the article describes 3 reports I like the best.

Save to say I wanted to create a follow up article. This time I’m expanding my view to the cloud. More specifically, the Microsoft project management cloud solutions.

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