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Hello and welcome to my blog: The Project Corner!

My name is Erik van Hurck, I’m a Dutch consultant at Projectum, working with Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online. Not to long ago I’ve also been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. This is a title Microsoft provides to people that take exceptional care in providing quality content to the community. I hope you will enjoy the content I provide on this blog, and the other locations you can find me.

I started this blog in 2013 because I wanted to share my insights and thoughts on the Microsoft tools and Project Management in general. I’m getting close to a 100 blog posts and more on the way, to give you a good start on the blog here are links to my top 5 posts:

  1. About Percent Complete in Microsoft Project
  2. The Office templates within Microsoft Project
  3. How I passed the Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 exam 70-331
  4. Using max units in Microsoft Project
  5. About start dates in Microsoft Project (and the video)

This blog mostly discusses the Microsoft Project products and I’ll share epiphanies I had and tips and tricks I come across in the field.

Apart from creating (simple) blog posts I also review books on Project (Management) and I created a resources page that can be referenced for more reading pleasure apart from The Project Corner blog.

My Credentials page gives you a nice view on my achievements on Microsoft exams.

I am not the only author on The Project Corner, every now and then I ask fellow experts to add a post to share insights on MS Project (server). To this date there have been 5 guest bloggers:

  1. Bonnie Biafore (Multiple baselines)
  2. Nenad Trajkovski (Hard Constraint vs. Deadline)
  3. Michael Belfry (What is a Work Breakdown Structure?)
  4. Hester Blok (Workflow posts)
  5. Ashley Lipman (Project Management Trends)

Please let me know if there is a subject you would like me to tackle, and I’ll see what I can do.

See you around,


As per 2021, “The Project Corner” is also a legal entity in The Netherlands:



PS: here’s my Privacy Policy page, please make sure you read and understood it:

Privacy Policy of The Project Corner

4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Erik

    You doing a great job here, thank you very much!

    I was hoping I can ask for your advice.

    I recently was assigned to a task to establish Program management framework across several R&D centers. I’m using MSP. Location is worldwide and idea is to distribute development across time zones to deliver 24 hours non stop work.

    If its possible could you share your thoughts on project template for such task. I’ve created one based on your course but its limited to one country and I assume wouldn’t work on global scale (e.g. calendar adjustment). Maybe some global parameters have to be established as a workaround in project settings, configuration or a table itself.

    Will be very appreciated for a feedback on this.

    1. Hi Sergey,
      Excelent, thanks for the nice comment and interesting topic suggestion.

      For a short answer I would suggest using Task / Resource calendars to facilitate the different timezones and global activity. But maybe I’m missing some crusial information to help you out. Sign up to the newsletter and you get a mail address you can use to do a bit more deep dive analysis of the question: http://eepurl.com/czyTr1

      Look forward to hearing from you,
      Erik v H.

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