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Hello and welcome to my blog: The Project Corner!

My name is Erik van Hurck, I’m a Dutch consultant at Projectum, working with Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online. The move to Projectum is recent (2016), and you can find a post about it here.

I started this blog in 2013 because I wanted to share my insights and thoughts on the Microsoft tools and Project Management in general. I’m getting close to a 100 blog posts and more on the way, to give you a good start on the blog here are links to my top 5 posts:

  1. About Percent Complete in Microsoft Project
  2. The Office templates within Microsoft Project
  3. How I passed the Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 exam 70-331
  4. Using max units in Microsoft Project
  5. About start dates in Microsoft Project (and the video)

This blog mostly discusses the Microsoft Project products and I’ll share epiphanies I had and tips and tricks I come across in the field.

Apart from creating (simple) blog posts I also review books on Project (Management) and I created a resources page that can be referenced for more reading pleasure apart from The Project Corner blog.

My Credentials page gives you a nice view on my achievements on Microsoft exams.

I am not the only author on The Project Corner, every now and then I ask fellow experts to add a post to share insights on MS Project (server). To this date there have been 4 guest bloggers:

  1. Bonnie Biafore (Multiple baselines)
  2. Nenad Trajkovski (Hard Constraint vs. Deadline)
  3. Michael Belfry (What is a Work Breakdown Structure?)
  4. Hester Blok (Workflow posts)

Please let me know if there is a subject you would like me to tackle, and I’ll see what I can do.

See you around,

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