Project for the Web

As of October 2019 there’s something new on the Project Horizon. It’s called Project for the Web! And boy oh boy is it exciting!

There hasn’t been a release such as this for ages for Microsoft Project. And even though it might look like a small solution at the moment, it really is future build.

I dedicate this page to the service, because I can never write as fast or cover every topic in regards to the new solution. But, I do want to serve you the best way I know how. By providing you with a good overview of other sources from across the web.

You might already know a lot of the sources if you have seen any of my other resource pages or tweets or if you are subscribed to the newsletter of course. Please use this resource page as a complete reference (as complete as possible at least).

So, here we go. A whole page dedicated to Project for the Web. I hope you will agree with the links, and please contact me if you have a valid addition to the page. More will come along the way.





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