The difference between Project Online and Excel

I recently received 3 questions on my “Ask Me Anything” form. In this article, I’ll address the questions and provide my answers. It would be good to state that these questions came from a Project Online administrator who works for a large organization.

papers on a desk, one paper shows a Microsoft Project Gantt chart, the other a Excel table. A Project manager is looking at them intently. Source
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Activate audit tracking in Project for the web

More people start to embrace Project for the web, and that means there are more interesting questions coming in through all kinds of channels. I’ve received a question from someone that wanted to know if we can see all changes that have happened on a task within Project for the web. Including when the change has happened and what the change was.

And after some digging, I figured out how to do this! Read on to find out how you can activate audit tracking in Project for the web!

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Reimagine Project Management with Microsoft event recap

I know I mentioned in blog posts and newsletters that I would be moving more towards the Power Platform . So, it might come as a surprise to see a post (after so long) about Project Management on the blog.

But actually, it’s still very close to my goal of more Power Platform AND my goal to keep writing about project and project management.

On 18 March 2021 Microsoft launched the Reimagine Project Management with Microsoft event. And together with 7 thousand others I was there to watch and learn. Here’s a recap of the event. Which is still available for you to sign up to (on demand).

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PowerApps baby steps – Model driven or Canvas?

Budget Power App Template

Hi reader, welcome to part two of this new series on TPC. In the previous article I started with a short explanation on why I’m doing this set of articles on PowerApps. In that article I spoke briefly about the two different kinds of apps you can create: Model driven and Canvas apps.

In this article I’m diving in deeper and exporting the two options in more detail. In which instances would you choose a Canvas app over Model driven, and the other way around. Moreover, I’m keeping in mind that we are specifically interested in Project Management solutions.

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PowerApps baby steps – Introduction

Welcome reader, in the introduction post about PowerApps on TPC. For those of you that are new to the blog: I’m a Microsoft Project (Online) consultant. And the blog you are currently on is my way of venting out ideas I got in the field, as well as exploring new fields of interest.

Previous series have been “About posts” (which were larger than usual explorations of single features within MS Project), the Flaw’s series that started it all and a currently frequently returning subject on the UserVoice items related to Project and Portfolio Management.

This is the first post in a new series in which I take my first baby steps into the world of PowerApps and related technologies (such as Flow, Forms and AI). I have played around with PowerApps before, and I have implemented multiple Flows at customers already. But I feel that I’m “not quite there yet” in regards to providing the best solutions.

In the series I’ll explore PowerApps solutions from a PPM consultants perspective. Exploring options that can help you in your daily life working with the Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management tool set (and yes that’s more than just Project and Project Online).

Lets begin!

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