Blogs are an ideal way for people to write what’s on their mind, be it about losing weight, training for an ultra marathon or, in my case: Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online. On this page I collected other great bloggers in the scene, and at the end I share my most viewed posts for you to enjoy.


The Knowledgehut is a great website, and not only a blog. However, because I wrote an article for them on the subject of Waterfall and Agile I wanted to stress the great blog they run. There are a large number of guest writers (like me) and the subjects they tackle are always of great value.

Two other great things that you can do on the website is, taking training courses on Agile Methodology or PMP. And they create great Info graphics as well!

Microsoft Office Project Support weblog (

Brian Smith is one of the Project Server guru’s at Microsoft. With a very long track record and a ton of information on all versions of Project Server this blog will almost always show up in a search for a technical project server question. Also it is a great source to know about the latest new features or upcoming updates. Brian is also a frequent contributor to the “Microsoft Project Support Blog” that can be found here:

Peter Kestenholz blog (

Peter has a great understanding of the wide scala of Microsoft Project and related applications. His blog has turned from a MS Project, Project Server and Project Online blog into a PPM blog (in the broader sense). He is a well known speaker in the community and is using his presenter skills to create blogs with video support. Some of his resent work is closely related to SaFe 4 and how it could work in combination with the Microsoft tools.

Paul’s blog (

Paul has a great blog, I really like his work on PowerShell and SSRS. He also recently did a great 9 part series on Project Online. And is a star at writing whitepapers and useful reporting packages. If you are an admin or consultant in Project Server or Project Online his blog is a great resource. For “users” his blog might be to technical.

Nenad’s blog (

Nenad has been a guest on my blog, talking about deadlines within Microsoft Project. He also has his own blog, and is very active on it! He builds great posts around visual aspects. Most of his blogs feature more pictures than text which is great because now you know where to click. Here is an example: I usually think about a quote from Benjamin Franklin when I look at his blog:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

The MS Project Podcast (

Strictly not a blog, but a podcast station. Currently 15 high class interviews directed by Prasanna and Dave. They even contacted me to do a podcast about Project Online and the usage of the tools in Western Europe. Have a look at this post for more great episodes. Also, Prasanna has a blog of his own, here is a great article he wrote.

Project Estimology (

Andrew’s blog might well be the first blog I visited when starting my consultancy job at JSR. I was already provisioned in building nice reports for the team and was curious about the reporting powers of MS Project and EPM. His blog is a great source of getting great BI with limited effort. And when OData came out for Project Online, I went straight for his site knowing that he would have some nice how to guides to help me and my clients, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Voices on Microsoft Project (

Sai Prasad, who we know from the post Must start/finish on constraints with a twist created a blog in June 2014, a very recent blog, and within a very interesting niche within Microsoft Project: Visual Basic for Applications. VBA seems to be Sai’s main subject within the blog. Which is awesome! Because, up to now I had only one reference to VBA and Project and that is Rob Gill’s book (that I still need to review). Concluding: an awesome blog if you are interested in VBA and Microsoft Project, it really is one to keep an eye on.

Hester’s blog (

Blog mostly about workflows within Project Server 2013, created by my colleague Hester Blok. Hester left JSR to find a nice place in France to enjoy the good life, here’s the full story.

Sam Huffman’s Project Blog (

Sam is another MVP that writes great content on Microsoft Project. I got a hold of his work through the MPUG article about video tricks with MS Project. He doesn’t write frequently anymore, but when he writes, it’s golden!

The PPM Works blog (

A nice and very active blog, collecting great content from around the Internet, but also writing it themselves. A great example of the content they provide can be found here. Also, I met Jacques Goupil at one of the Project Conferences, he was the one that started the fun run, and is a great guy. If you ever meet him, tell him I said “Hi!”.

The Project Corner – most viewed

If you are new to this blog, you might be here because you had a specific question about MS Project and I blogged about is. I hope that post was to your liking, currently there are around 150+ posts some are awesome, some are just little posts telling you I got married (which is awesome!). To help you filter out the awesomeness here is a short list of the most viewed posts on my site:

Five incorrect way’s to use Microsoft Project stand alone version

A summary post, with links to all the flaws I wrote about in the early days of the blog. These posts also got featured on the MPUG site.

Never delete a task

A post about inactive tasks and how these are better than deleting a task once you are actually managing the project.

Building a visual custom field for late progress in MS Project professional

I got a comment from a reader with a question. I really enjoy helping a commenter on the blog, I take extra time out to facilitate an answer. The title of the post is self-explanatory I guess.

About Percent Complete in Microsoft Project

A very successful post about the Percentage fields within MS Project Professional. There are differences between % complete and % work complete, read the post to find out more.