Video 100! Everything you need to know about Project for the web

It’s been a journey, but I’ve made it! Just like Post #100, I will celebrate video #100 with a blogpost of it’s own. On the 14th of December (2022) I published my 100th video on YouTube! You can view it here or jump over to YouTube and view it there of course 😁.

Video 100! on how to (use) Project for the web
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I’m done reading self-help books, here’s why

Here is a little off-topic rant that I wanted to publish for a while now. If you are a frequent visitor of the blog you know that I do book reviews on Project and portfolio management. But I used to read a lot of books in the self-help category as well. That stops right now, and let me tell you why.

Seven self-help books I’d recommend everyone to read.
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Third year as an MVP!

Hi reader,
Just a short post to celibrate that for the third time in a row I’ve been rewarded with the MVP status by Microsoft!

I’m very happy to be awarded the title Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft.

The contributions

MVP’s get rewarded for their contributions in the technical communities worldwide. Just to give you a brief overview of my contributions last year:

  • YouTube channel, my current main focus.
  • This blog site, now mainly focussed on Power Apps solutions in relation to project management.
  • MPUG community contributions.

Thanks Microsoft, and thank you everyone that supported my endevours to share knowledge. It’s a lot of fun, and there’s more to come!


Covid-19, raising awareness

Hi reader,

You might be thinking “hold on Erik is a Project blogger, what’s going on here?!”. And yes you are right, normally I would write about Project and Portfolio management, Power BI or Microsoft’s host of other cool applications (such as Teams and the combo with Project Online).

But, you must also agree with me that these aren’t normal circumstances anymore right?

The Netherlands is currently hit with closed schools, musea and other measures. We aren’t on complete lockdown yet, but who knows this might happen in the coming days.

That’s why I wrote this article to help raise awareness on the Covid-19 pandamic and share some reports and articles created by (hopefully) way smarter people then me.

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2019, and a happy New Year

Normally I would do an extensive blog update on how last year went. Sharing some numbers and talking about how my year was in general.

This year I wanted to share a short note with a little information on what has happened the last two months. Because updates have been scares during that time and I think it will take a little more time before I’m back in the game.

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