UserVoice #4: Make Start and finish dates Read only

Hi reader,

Have you ever worked on a schedule and got the idea that Microsoft just loves to put blue calendar icon’s in front of every task you create? What’s up with that? Well, you created “soft constraints” on every task by manually entering a start or finish date.

For that reason Tom Henry, a person we might know for his blog and video contributions, started a UserVoice item to make Start and Finish dates read only.

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The Minimum Viable Project (MVP)

Tracking Gantt

I would like to introduce an acronym to everyone. This acronym pops up in a lot of different versions and I would like to add one to the bunch. I’m talking about the MVP. Product managers and entrepreneurs might know it as the Minimum Viable Product, Microsoft consultants/enthusiasts might know it as the Most Valuable Professional. And I would like to provide a new one for an MVP:

Minimum Valuable Project (schedule)

The Minimum Valuable Project (schedule) is a MS Project schedule that has a number of criteria checked to be of any use to a Project Manager.

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Ignite 2018, the big change!

Hi Reader,

Change is in the air! That’s at least how I feel after reading up on all the things that were announced at the Microsoft Ignite 2018 event. I’m still wrapping my head around all that has been announced, but I also wanted to give you some insights on what will change for The Project Corner.

Microsoft mission for Project. Teams work the way they want, Executives get the results they need. Ignite 2018

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What does Effort Driven do in Microsoft Project?

Hi reader,

Have you ever worked on a schedule and, when adding resources, wondered about this small little checkbox called “effort driven”? It’s a small checkbox that’s not always as visible as you might want it to be. And it has massive effects on a schedule.

This post discusses the effects of the Effort driven option.

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About the Microsoft Project UserVoice

Hello reader,

UserVoice blog post iconIn between creating my own YouTube channel, celebrating 4 years together with my lovely wife, the first birthday of Louise and a holiday to Tuscany. I’ve also started drafting a new TPC series of posts. These will be about the most requested/useful/interesting/frustrating UserVoice items that are in the Microsoft Project UserVoice page. Continue reading About the Microsoft Project UserVoice

The VAT liable resources case

I received a question from one of the TPC newsletter members. Rob thanks for this, hope you can use this post for your question. Rob wanted to know how I would approach this situation:

With the projects I work on some costs are liable to a value added tax charge and others are not.  How do I get Project 2016 to calculate VAT on those charges to which it applies while omitting it from those which do not so that I get an accurate overall cost budget.

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Microsoft Project Budget templates

Hi readers,

TPC Budget templateHow to create a great schedule that will also be accurate enough for the project budget? And are there any templates for the project budget around?

Let’s explore the different aspects of a budget, see if there are any templates already available and create a template that you can use.

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What are workdays in Microsoft Project

Workday / Workdays in MS ProjectWhat are Microsoft Project workdays? What can we change, what should we change and where do we change it? This blog post will talk about what you can expect with certain changes in the workdays settings, as well as some advice on what to do and what to leave alone. Granted that some advice might not apply to your specific situation. Continue reading What are workdays in Microsoft Project

About Cost resources

Cost resources article pictureThis has been a post that has been on my mind for far too long. About cost resources is a About post that focuses on a very specific resource type you can utilize in Microsoft Project. I’m using MS Project Pro for Office 365 and Project Online. But most of the things you see here will also be appropriate for Project (Server) 2010, 2013 and 2016. Continue reading About Cost resources