UserVoice #7: a final note

During the reimagine Project Management with Microsoft I had a short breakout session. I choose a topic that has frequented the blog as well.

In the session we discussed some of the top UserVoice items and Brian Smith (Senior Escalation Engineer at Microsoft) mentioned this article to me.

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Reimagine Project Management with Microsoft event recap

I know I mentioned in blog posts and newsletters that I would be moving more towards the Power Platform . So, it might come as a surprise to see a post (after so long) about Project Management on the blog.

But actually, it’s still very close to my goal of more Power Platform AND my goal to keep writing about project and project management.

On 18 March 2021 Microsoft launched the Reimagine Project Management with Microsoft event. And together with 7 thousand others I was there to watch and learn. Here’s a recap of the event. Which is still available for you to sign up to (on demand).

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The future of (Microsoft) Project and Portfolio Management

Let’s start with a little disclaimer, the following article is a brainstorm experiment by my hand. There’s no real crystal ball involved. This article is an exploration on where the world of Project and Portfolio management is heading.

Obviously, any prediction of the future will change that future because we are preparing differently for it. This was excellently described in the first chapters of Homo Deus a book I’m currently reading (and yes the inspiration for writing this article).

But, because it won’t happen exactly like I describe it doesn’t mean at all that we should not dream about the future. Or write these kinds of articles. There might even be a smart Microsoft employee that reads the article and picks it up and makes it reality.

Just a warning: I couldn’t find/use a lot of pictures for this article. Just chew through the text please :-).

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What Business Owners Need to Know About Scaled Agile Frameworks

Hi Readers, Here’s another guest post for you to enjoy. It’s the third time for Ashley to join TPC. You might have seen her previous work on the top 5 trends of 2018 and 2019 for Project Management.

This time I’ve asked Ashley to look into Scaled Agile, as I believe it’s a great way to work with Agile and have a structure in place at the same time. So without taking to much time from you, here is Ashley again with

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Top 5 Project Management Trends Reshaping 2019

Hi reader,

It’s a wonderful world where the TPC blog attracts enough attention that other people want to contribute to it’s content! I’ve had multiple guest bloggers on, some even multiple times such as former colleague Hester Blok (who did an excellent at making workflows in Project Server a lot more understandable).

Today there’s another return author, Ashley Lipman. She contributed previously about the Project Management trends shaping 2018. And is back here with the Top 5 Project Management Trends reshaping 2019.

As with the previous article, I’ll come back on at the end giving you my (Microsoft minded) take on what she wrote. With that, here’s Ashley:

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UserVoice #4: Make Start and finish dates Read only

Hi reader,

Have you ever worked on a schedule and got the idea that Microsoft just loves to put blue calendar icon’s in front of every task you create? What’s up with that? Well, you created “soft constraints” on every task by manually entering a start or finish date.

For that reason Tom Henry, a person we might know for his blog and video contributions, started a UserVoice item to make Start and Finish dates read only.

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The Minimum Viable Project (MVP)

Tracking Gantt

I would like to introduce an acronym to everyone. This acronym pops up in a lot of different versions and I would like to add one to the bunch. I’m talking about the MVP. Product managers and entrepreneurs might know it as the Minimum Viable Product, Microsoft consultants/enthusiasts might know it as the Most Valuable Professional. And I would like to provide a new one for an MVP:

Minimum Valuable Project (schedule)

The Minimum Valuable Project (schedule) is a MS Project schedule that has a number of criteria checked to be of any use to a Project Manager.

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Connecting the islands with Project Roadmaps

Hi Reader,

Tracking GanttDuring Ignite 2018 a lot was announced, in the previous post I even called it the big change. One of the biggest things that’s coming soon is called Project Roadmaps. And in this post I would like to shed some light on what the new feature is and what we can expect from it. Continue reading Connecting the islands with Project Roadmaps

Ignite 2018, the big change!

Hi Reader,

Change is in the air! That’s at least how I feel after reading up on all the things that were announced at the Microsoft Ignite 2018 event. I’m still wrapping my head around all that has been announced, but I also wanted to give you some insights on what will change for The Project Corner.

Microsoft mission for Project. Teams work the way they want, Executives get the results they need. Ignite 2018

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UserVoice #3: Provide support for backup and restore of a single project

Hi Readers,

I’m so very happy! And it should come as no surprise to you if you are a LinkedIn connection or know anything about me. I’ll tell you why I’m happy:

I’m an MVP! 

This basically means that I would need to change my UserVoice series a little bit by stating that I’m reaching out to my fellow MVP’s in the Project and Portfolio Management space. Today, we have Guillaume Rouyre as a guest MVP. He wanted us to take a closer look at the UserVoice item:

Provide support for backup and restore of a single project

And just like many great ideas on the UserVoice for MS Project… This one has been on the site for quite some time, Feb 9, 2016! to be exact.

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