Microsoft Project Budget templates

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TPC Budget templateHow to create a great schedule that will also be accurate enough for the project budget? And are there any templates for the project budget around?

Let’s explore the different aspects of a budget, see if there are any templates already available and create a template that you can use.

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What are workdays in Microsoft Project

Workday / Workdays in MS ProjectWhat are Microsoft Project workdays? What can we change, what should we change and where do we change it? This blog post will talk about what you can expect with certain changes in the workdays settings, as well as some advice on what to do and what to leave alone. Granted that some advice might not apply to your specific situation. Continue reading What are workdays in Microsoft Project

About Cost resources

Cost resources article pictureThis has been a post that has been on my mind for far too long. About cost resources is a About post that focuses on a very specific resource type you can utilize in Microsoft Project. I’m using MS Project Pro for Office 365 and Project Online. But most of the things you see here will also be appropriate for Project (Server) 2010, 2013 and 2016. Continue reading About Cost resources

3 favorite Microsoft Project reports

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In this post I would like to share my 3 favorite Microsoft Project Reports. Be aware that these are reports created using the technology that has been available since the 2013 version of Project. If you are curious about older reports have a look at this post about “updating the visual reports“.

Microsoft Project reports - Reporting ribbon in Project Pro for office 365

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Backwards scheduling vs Deadlines

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Every now and then this question pops-up: “Can I schedule from the end of the project, backwards?”, or any variation of this question. Most of the time I am able to persuade the people in the training of the hardships you will endure when scheduling backwards. But then, sometimes it leaves me with this nagging feeling: Why do people keep asking this? Am I doing it wrong?

This post will explore the option of Backwards scheduling and the alternative I discuss during the training sessions. If you use backward scheduling or the alternative and would like to share your experiences please leave a comment in the comments section below.
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My first app for Project Pro – Sensei Schedule Analyzer (TM)

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Today I would like to introduce you to a new / improved option you have with Project Pro (the Office 365 counterpart of Microsoft Project 2013/2016). Not to long ago Microsoft released a notification where in the company announces read/write possibilities for Apps!

Read Write option Apps in Project Online

With this new option I thought it high time to get my hands on an App. That being said I would like to introduce you to the Sensei Schedule Analyzer (TM). You can find it through the store in the Project tab in the ribbon, under the Add-ins group, or use this link to a direct download page.

Sensei Schedule Analyzer

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Book review: The Proactive Team Members Guide to using Project Online

The proactive team members guide to using MS ProjectHere is another Book review. This time the book revolves around a special focus point: The Team Members. Written by Kenneth Steiness, who we know from the other book review I did and his activity at the Project Virtual Conference.
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Book review: Microsoft Project 2013 The Missing manual

Hi Readers,The Missing manual cover

It’s been a while since I posted a book review. The last one was in Januari and was the Book review: Delivering Exceptional Project Results. Today I would like to review the book “Microsoft Project 2013 The missing manual” by Bonnie Biafore. We know Bonnie from a number of posts I did earlier; another book review and her guest post about multiple baselines.

Bonnie is an active trainer/author on a number of fields. She has writen 27 books (according to her own blog). Ranging from Project Management and Quickbooks to a thriller called Fresh Squeezed.

One reason why it took me so long to write another book review is because the sheer size of this pill, 786 pages thick! Let’s take a closer look at the book!

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Top sessions to watch – The Project Virtual Conference

With only 6 days left till the Project virtual conference starts, here is an update about the top sessions I would look into. I made 3 separate selections because of the different tracks that you can follow. I limited my list to only 5 sessions per track. This does not mean that the other sessions are any less, but these are just my personal pick and interests. Regardless, I hope you will join the conference and help make it an awesome event.

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