Book reviews on Project management and MS Project (server)

Hi readers,

As a consultant I try to read and know as much as possible about the subjects I’m considered to be an expert in. Apart from blogs and Microsoft TechNet there is a whole universe of project (management) literature out there to suite just that need. This is why I started doing book reviews!

I have read a good number of books on the subject of Microsoft Project and project management in general. And I would like to provide you with reviews on some of them. I will also post direct links to to provide you the fastest way to get a hand on the book yourself. These links will appear in the post about the book. If you wrote a book you would like me to review, please drop me a line and we’ll see what can be done :).

All current book reviews

Please enjoy the following book reviews:

Books on Project Management

Books on Project Online

Books on Project 2013/2016

Books on Project 2010

Other book reviews

  • Hit Refresh (book by the current CEO of Microsoft)
  • Forecasting Programs (I placed this in “other” because I believe Program Management isn’t the same thing as Project Management)