Project for the web Feedback portal update March 2022

Project for the web is a Microsoft cloud-based solution that gets new features regularly, as you might know from my YouTube series on the topic. This blog series is about the Feedback portal that we can use to let Microsoft know which new features to include in the product.

This is the second update since the introduction post. I will briefly look at the progress on previously mentioned feature requests and I will take a look at two additional features that might be interesting for Project for the web.

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The New Feedback Portal

Microsoft used to work with Uservoice to capture the needs and wishes of the community. I covered several Uservoice items in the blog. But in 2021 Microsoft switched to an internal Feedback portal for Project for the web. With the announcement, we are treated to a new way of providing feedback to the Product group at Redmond.

Let’s find out if it is any good 😁

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