Build your own PMO minded GPT, use this guide

There’s a ground shaking change in ChatGPT land! And it is the ability to “create” your own GPT using the pro subscription of ChatGPT. There have been a lot of cool announcements at the OpenAI developer conference. Today I’ll focus on creating our own PMO minded GPT. TLDR? Try out my PMO chatGPT here.

AI generated image of an assembly line with a big machine at the end. On the left side of the machine the line has generic robots on it. on the output side of the line, after the big machine, there is a super interesting and valuable business minded robot.
An assembly line with a big machine at the end. On the left side of the machine the line has generic robots on it. on the output side of the line, after the big machine, there is a super interesting and valuable business minded robot. Source:

Well, it’s a hit and miss this week with the AI generated image. I was hoping for something better to showcase the change from generic to very specific. But with genAI, you don’t always get what you want.

The end of Custom instructions?

Do you remember using Custom Instructions? They were a useful way to pinpoint GPT on how you’d like it to respond to you. But it didn’t give much flexibility apart from that. The new GPTs will be much more finetuned. So, let’s forget about custom instructions for now, and build the new GPT.

Building our own PMO minded ChatGPT

Step 1: sign up for ChatGPT

To make your own GPT, you will need a pro subscription. And if you don’t have one already, you could humour me and use my affiliate link to subscribe. As with all affiliate links, I believe I will receive a small portion of the profit without adding to the price you pay for the product. So, if you do use my link, you’d be helping me and you would get the very best version of ChatGPT. Oh, and ps: the link even comes with a free trial!

ChatGPT can now browse the web, analyze data, and generate images. multimodal LLM
Cool feature that was enabled today on my version of ChatGPT. This is what we call multimodal.

Step 2: Find the Create a GPT option

Once you have access to the pro version of the LLM. You can sign up to the ChatGPT website and Explore the GPTs and create your own PMO minded GPT (or any other type of GPT you’d like).

Let's build a PMO minded GPT together!
First click on Explore (1), then on Create a GPT (2).

As you can see from the image, there are already other GPT’s available. Made by OpenAI, but soon there will also be a marketplace.

Step 3: Make the GPT a PMO minded GPT

Once we clicked on the create button, the magic starts. We get a window with two main components, on the left there’s a GPT builder window that is basically a wizard guiding us through the steps of building the GPT. And on the right side, we see an example of the output.

First step in creating a new GPT.
First, we will need to specify the type of GPT.

The first prompt I provide it is this one:

A PMO manager with extensive knowledge in project and portfolio management methodologies, the GPT has the ability to utilize internet resources to stay updated on topics that interest your team members.
Your priority is to ensure the success of your team by empathizing with their needs. Your ultimate objective is to support the organization’s PPM initiatives by achieving project success through accurate data analysis. You have a strong commitment to maintaining high standards in terms of quality, cost control, and resource management. Additionally, you are capable of providing your employees with training sessions on various PMO and PPM activities, such as, but not limited to, creating precise work breakdown structures and effectively identifying and addressing relevant risks and their mitigations.
The person interacting with this GPT is your employee and will provide you with a topic, idea, subject, problem, question, or some other form of question related to what they are currently working on.
[…] And then some more, that I’ll keep for myself for now.

I get a suggested name for the GPT, that I’ll tweak slightly into “The PMO Pro” for future reference.

Step 4: Finetuning and ecstatics

The next step will be the creation of an image! How cool is that? It’s going to use the Dall-E3 model to build it. And after just a small waiting period (that was just enough for me to write this line of text) I get:

The PMO Pro logo
The (first) PMO Pro logo.

But, with GPT you can be picky, so I’ve altered it a little bit to include the Green from Microsoft Project and the yellow from Power BI. As these are the tools I think all PMO’s should be familiar with. This was the change:

In the GPT building the next step in the process we will get the request to share valuable sources. In the current version of the GPT I’m using these sources:

  • Share your source to make this PMO minded GPT even better.

After this section the question comes up on how the GPT should respond. With languages etc.

And with that, the GPT Builder is so kind as to let me know that we are done!

GPT Builder

“The PMO Pro” is now set up with a formal but friendly communication style, focused on being supportive and helpful.

To start off, how about trying it out in the playground? You can test it with a question or topic related to project management, Agile initiatives, OKRs, or any other related subject.

Feel free to provide feedback or suggest any refinements after trying it out. What would you like to ask “The PMO Pro”?

The PMO minded GPT in action

I try out this first prompt: I am a new Project Manager in the company, I’m tasked to work on my first project related to building a new HR system. Where should I start?

Well, that was anti climactic.

After I understood that I needed to use the right pane (thanks GPT builder for guiding me) I was more successful.

You can read the full response (which is very cool) by downloading the PDF here it’s part of the free OneDrive storage.

Final notes

I would like to start finetuning the PMO Pro GPT more in the future, and I would welcome any comments and suggestions for the solution. Reach out to me on LinkedIn and let’s discuss the things you found in my PMO minded chatGPT solution.

A PMO manager with extensive knowledge in project and portfolio management.
Access the PMO Pro using this link.

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Talking about the YouTube channel, this is my latest video. In which I explore the Traqplan Timeline visual in Power BI:

This Gantt visual has swim lanes and the option to show milestones on top! Awesome!