Time to close 2023 and look ahead

As we are closing the year, I guess most people will also be closing their work brains to go for something more festive. But wait! Let’s look at TPC’s best content of the year.

Prompt: Create a minimalistic futuristic new year card, only show the image of the card, the card should be focussed on 2024.

Challenges of 2023

For me, 2023 will be remembered as a year of challenges. Mostly on a personal level, where me and my family moved to Groningen, a process that’s still ongoing.

There were a number of stressful moments where we either would have a monstrous mortgage rate or no house at all… In the end, things worked out really well. Construction of the new house is progressing nicely, and the kids adopted the new situation without much fuss.

On the business side, the rise of interest in Generative AI has, of course, caused a stir. For one, I changed the TPC blog focus to be around how GenAI can help the PMO succeed.

On a broader scale, I altered the complete TPC mantra to be “helping the PMO succeed with Microsoft tech”. And right on time, it seems, as Microsoft decided to rebrand project for the web to planner (premium). And Bing to Copilot.

Regardless of the (Microsoft) tech, I have a warm heart towards the PMO and every aspect of it. I hope I’ll succeed in helping you on your journey, and if we ever meet, don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi.

Best content of 2023

Looking back at a fruitful year of blogging and video creating, here are the top-performing articles and videos.


The #1 article on TPC
  1. 3 favorite Microsoft Project Reports (visited more than 2 thousand times!)
  2. The difference between Project for the web, Project Web App, Project Online and Project server
  3. What does Effort Driven do in Microsoft Project?
  4. Backwards scheduling vs Deadlines
  5. Five Power BI visuals every PMO should apply, and why


For the videos, I’m only focussing on the content produced this year, a statistic I couldn’t get out of the Jetpack reports for the blog.

The #1 video (produced this year) on TPC
  1. Advanced dependencies in Project for the web (Watched more than 110 hours!)
  2. Assignments in Project for the web
  3. Revisit the Lingaro and Adwise gantt chart visuals
  4. Building great Deneb Gantt visuals, by almost cheating 😉
  5. Exploring Traqplan Timeline for Power BI

Looking towards 2024

Again, starting with a personal note. 2024 will be the year we (finally) get our house in Blauwestad! That means, that during a brief month, I’ll likely record videos and write articles while I’m surrounded by boxes. And 2024 is the year Mirjam and I have been married for 10 years 💕.

I hope to continue blogging about Generative AI and how it can improve the PMO. I believe this is a game changer, and I hope some of my enthusiasm will rub off on you, my readers.

For the YouTube channel, my goal is to create new engaging content related to Planner (premium) and Power BI. Two of the key applications I’ve covered from the beginning. Bear in mind that Project for the web is rebranded to Planner this year.

2024 will also be a year of webinars, with 4 already drafted and scheduled for the first half year.

Final notes

I hope you liked this last message from 2023. I’m looking forward to an exciting year, and I hope you will join me on that journey.

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