Microsoft Inspire starts today, surprise: AI is a key contributor

Make sure you register for the event. It starts in only a couple of hours. You do not want to miss this one, because it’s going to focus heavy on everything AI. For me? I’m focussing my attention on the Copilot announcements. I think they will be a real game changer the next couple of months/years.

Welcome to yet another weekly update on what Generative AI and it’s many incarnations can do for us as Project Management professionals.

Generative AI created image for Microsoft Inspire.
The prompt on “Microsoft embodied as a friendly artificial intelligence (not a robot) at a conference, pencil drawing, minimalistic”.

Microsoft Inspire 2023

Taking the text from the keynote, it’s clear to what Microsoft is focussing on:

Join Satya Nadella, Judson Althoff, Nicole Dezen, and others as they share how we’re creating new opportunities across our partner ecosystem in this new era of AI.

Keynote session – MSFT Inspire 2023

From the creation of Cortana, earlier notes from Satya Nadella that AI will be one of the 3 big pillars of tech in the near future, to Microsoft’s acquisition OpenAI. It’s clear that the company has a very high focus on Artificial Intelligence.

And I do really think it will be a game changer for many organizations and people at largeI have started using AI on a daily basis. Sometimes, I use it just for fun to see what answers ChatGPT will provide. Other times, I use it to assist me with writing video scripts and assisting me with writing an actual book.

There are more note worthy sessions that you can join, remember that it’s free to register for the event. And it is 3 days long, with nearly every session recorded for later viewing pleasure.

AI content saturation?

I’m starting to notice a little bit of content saturation when it comes to the field of the PM and AI. Most articles will rehash the common topics such as

  • Project Scheduling (in which I have yet to see a good use case including dependencies and quality content)
  • Risk creation Which is a great way to start risk exploration.
  • Communication As Projects progress there is a constant need to communicate. This is where Generative AI really shines at the moment. Creating new mails or even whole documents with (mostly) accurate content. With the human in the loop to get from 80% to 100%

But not many articles discuss other use cases or value adding capabilities of (Generative) AI. Which is a shame. And maybe even a downside of the “content creating monster”. Good, original thoughts are difficult to sift out from the masses.

So, what did I do?

I went to ChatGPT and asked it to research content on the web (using the LinkReader plugin) and provide useful content for this blog.

There were 2 original articles that I really want to share with you here:

One thing to note here, ChatGPT ignored my request to find content that’s not older than 3 weeks. Interesting to notice that omission.

Bing AI vs ChatGPT

I got curious, because ChatGPT doesn’t have the Bing web search component anymore (maybe only temporary) I reached out and fed Bing the same prompt. And I was humbled and surprised to see my last article on the top of the list:

Result from Bing AI when asked to assist me with my blog research.

But Bing also wasn’t perfect in getting the content I was hoping for. It found 2 articles that ended up in broken links, and another article that was much too broad.

Final notes

This is my last article written at our house in Den Haag, The Netherlands. As I mentioned last week, I’m moving with the family to the other side of the country. All the way up North settling in the Blauwestad (which translates to blue city).

But before I’m all tuckered in in my new place there’s going to be turbulent times ahead. With 3 weeks vacation, 2 weeks workcation, and then a time where we live in a temporary house while the kids start at their new school and the house isn’t done yet.

As a heads up: I don’t know if my next articles will come as frequent as they currently have been.

I’ve already had a lot of difficulty recording new video’s for the YouTube channel, because they take up a lot of time.

It’s my biggest wish to start recording and writing again as soon as time permits, but please expect some delays.

As always thanks for reading my articles, and being a part of The Project Corner,

Erik van Hurck