My GPTs and me

As the bullet train called Generative AI moves along we can only stop and marvel at its progress for a short while. That is, until the next big announcement hits us in the face, right? I think it’s a good idea to “niche down” and not look at everything the GenAI ecosystem has to offer. It’s time to only look at the thing that interests you the most, and find the GPT / AI companions that can assist you with that.

For me, I want to help the PMO succeed with Microsoft Technology. This has led me to create a couple of ChatGPT models. Let me introduce them.

Note: I’ve been away for a bit because I was moving the family to our new house. Seems these GPT models are now available and free for everyone to use, and that you only need to log in. Please let me know if I misread that message.

Create an oil painting with a man in his 40s (clearly dark blond hair) and 4 robots standing beside him, group photo style realistic.

Yes, Oh Yes! That is definitely me!

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