Generative AI and the Project Management Office: A Look at Microsoft’s Role and ChatGPT Innovations

Hi there, I’m back from a nice vacation. Let’s jump in straight away with what Project Managers and the PMO can expect to get out of (Generative) Artificial Intelligence (AI). I hope you are enjoying the serries so far, with already over 10 articles in total.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) created image of PM getting back from vacation.
Artistic impression of a project manager coming back to work after a long vacation in France

News from the AI trenches

There was a nice article describing why Microsoft is the right company to bet on when it comes to AI. The company has a long history with AI already well before the current AI summer.

Apart from Microsofts on going implementations of it’s Generative AI solutions (dubbed co-pilot) there are of course the competitors as well. Notable mention here is that even MSFT is aware of them and even adding them to the Azure AI options.

Projectum (the company I work for) is also heavely invested in bringing AI to the Power PPM offering. If you are interested in how our current solution incorporates AI into Project and Portfolio management, you can view a short video on it right here:

Projectum uses AI for it’s Timeline creation in the Power PPM solution.

And yet another big change landed recently in ChatGPT. People now have the option to provide the AI with “custom instructions”. It’s a great feature that allows you to preload instructions before sending out the initial prompt. I found this instruction and guide very useful while implementing it myself.

As a side note, I used the custom instructions in a way that I mention I have 3 roles. And ChatGPT will respond differently on each role. As long as I mention “Role 1” at the beginning of a prompt it will consider my role as a consultant. Role 2 is for creative content creation, and will help me brainstorm my next article or video. Role 3 will assist me as husband and parrent. And if I don’t use any Role X prefix in the prompt I’d just get vanila ChatGPT responses. Cool right?

Generative AI prompt of PMO interest

By now, I don’t think there is a living soul that isn’t aware of the term Generative AI. I’d also asume that most of you have taken a general interest in the topic, as most note worthy companies describe it as a very disruptive and interesting enhancement to the workforce.

So, with that assumption in mind. I’d like to introduce a prompt that can assist you in the Project Management Office. Today’s prompt will help you focuss on resource management. I asked ChatGPT to help me craft the prompt based on my “Role 1” personality:

Design an intelligent resource allocation system using Power PPM that takes into consideration individual skills, project needs, and timelines. Include an automated scheduling system using Power Automate that can adapt to changes in project priorities or unexpected delays. Provide code snippets and a visual representation using Power Apps

Even though a direct response from the prompt wouldn’t build the end solution for you, it will result in a thought provoking response that might help you and your team further. The response I got from Chat GPT can be read here.

Final notes

I intend to share more prompts in the future, let me know if there’s any specific topics you’d like to explore.

Also, as mentioned my Role 2 is a content creator, I have a YouTube channel that might interest you.