Project for the web Feedback portal update March 2022

Project for the web is a Microsoft cloud-based solution that gets new features regularly, as you might know from my YouTube series on the topic. This blog series is about the Feedback portal that we can use to let Microsoft know which new features to include in the product.

This is the second update since the introduction post. I will briefly look at the progress on previously mentioned feature requests and I will take a look at two additional features that might be interesting for Project for the web.

Project for the web Feedback portal update

Updates on the Feedback Portal. Don’t you just love Excel Sparklines?

And there it is, a little sneak peek at the two items we will explore more today as well. This is the new format in which I’ll track the progress of our lovely Feature list. The My Tasks view is still a much sought-after feature with almost 30 new votes in the last month. Integration with Project Online desktop client didn’t do so well with only 4 new votes.

All in all, I think we can be happy about the increase in votes across the board. The Project for the web Feedback portal is used, and the connection with the community is evident.

Integrate further task dependencies incl. lead and lag times (65 votes)

Do you know all four dependency types in MS Project? There are “Finish to Start”, “Start to Finish”, “Start to Start” and “Finish to Finish” dependencies between tasks in the Microsoft Project application. Why wouldn’t we want those in the Project for the web schedules? Right?

The different task dependencies in a example project.

This feature request however also talks about lag and lead time. Lag and lead time is the time between two activities (tasks). Think about the action “painting a wall” and the follow up action (Finish to Start) “hanging the paintings”. You don’t want to hang paintings on a wet wall, so there is waiting time (lag) involved.

3 days for the paint to dry, means 3 days of lag time.

And then, lead time is just negative lag. When you don’t have to wait for the predesessor to finish completely to start the successors activity.

I voted for this feature. Because I think no good schedule can be created without the flexibility of task dependencies and lag/lead time. Did I convince you to vote as well?

Custom fields on task level available for reporting and visible in Dataverse/PowerApps (50 votes)

Remember when custom fields were introduced to Project for the web? It was in September 2020 and I did a video reviewing the new feature on my YouTube Channel.

Even though it’s great that we now have custom fields on a task level, there is one big issue. That issue is with the location of the fields, they are local! That means that we can’t report on them and that we can’t share them across projects.

With the feature reported here, we would have that option. And it should be available in any enterprise project management software. So can I have your vote please?

Final notes

Let me know what I should focus on next. These are “draft” topics for my next article. Which one would you look forward to the most?

  • Article: Cumulative and running totals using DAX
  • Article: Creating a program schedule using Project for the web
  • Page: The best from TPC (a request from a newsletter follower, due to the 100+ articles and 80+ video’s it could be difficult to get the best content)

And did you know that I have a series on the YouTube channel that features new things in Project for the web?

Hope you voted for a feature today. Kind regards, Erik