Generative AI and the PMO, prompt example and more (weekly updates)

Last week I read about Meta’s work on AI, and a couple of articles describing AI as a big bubble that’s about to pop. From my perspective, Generative AI is still a very valuable addition to the workforce. So this article covers Projectum’s progress in the field and another prompt you can use as part of the PMO.

Oh and remember that Jetpack has AI now as well? Let’s ask the AI to write a paragraph on Project Management as well.

Generative AI created this image based on a simple and fun prompt (mentioned below the image).
A cartoonish project manager sitting in a futuristic office, with a large window behind them showing a digital world. The project manager has a look of satisfaction on their face as they oversee the digital world –

Jikes, what’s happening with his feet?

Projectum has AI on the mind

At Projectum we believe that the Generative AI addition to Power PPM will be a catalyst for successful project management at any organization. If you are on LinkedIn (and I know you are!) you might see Peter Kestenholz posting new content on a regular basis. And apart from his content, there’s also a dedicated page on AI on the Projectum website.

Together with a new co-pilot coming to the full Microsoft ecosystem and the continuous development of our products, we aim to give the PMO (and other stakeholders of course) the best project management experience. I do believe that the company is cutting edge regarding the knowledge and understanding of the combination of AI and the PPM world.

“And now a word from our AI”

I asked Jetpacks AI to give me a paragraph on what the junior PM should train on in regards to project management and a world where Generative AI is commonplace. Here’s the response:

In a world where generative AI is commonplace, junior Project Managers should focus on developing a strong understanding of both traditional project management principles and the intricacies of AI integration. They must learn how to effectively leverage generative AI technologies to streamline project planning, resource allocation, risk assessment, and decision-making processes. Junior Project Managers should also enhance their skills in data analysis and interpretation to harness the full potential of AI-generated insights. Additionally, they should continuously adapt and update their knowledge as AI technologies evolve, staying informed about ethical considerations, potential biases, and the impact of AI on project teams and stakeholders. By blending their expertise in project management with the transformative capabilities of generative AI, junior Project Managers can contribute to the successful delivery of projects in this dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.

Generative AI prompt of PMO interest

Last week I shared a prompt to create an intelligent resource allocation system. Let’s take a look at AI’s risk mitigation skills with this prompt:

Act as a senior risk manager in a company [company profile]. You are tasked to structure mitigating tactics to a [level of priority] risk. The risk is related to a project with the goal to [project goal]. The risk that was described by the project team is as follows: [risk description]. Please provide 3 mitigating tactics, be as thorough as needed to get a clear understanding of the actions that will need to be taken and the complexity of the actions as well as the probability of successfully mitigating the risk.

  • [company profile] =
  • [level of priority] =
  • [project goal] =
  • [risk description] =

The result for this prompt was quite nice. Important parts of the prompt to take into consideration are:

  • The option to include variables (such as the company profile and project goal).
  • The inclusion of a role for the AI to play.
  • The section where I request a specific amount of responses and state that they need to be thoroughly discussed.

We could even append the response with the followup:

For each mittigation, deepen the thought process. Generate potential scenarios, strategies for implementation, and necessary partnerships or resources, and how potential obstacles might be overcome. Also, consider any potential unexpected outcomes and how they might be handled.

It’s fun to see, that my two custom instruction roles (discussed in the last article) had very different results. Where the YouTube creator AI suggested my talk with other influencers, but the Consultant AI steered more towards creating case studies with clients that already have Generative AI in their PMO.

Final notes

I recorded the introduction piece of an upcoming TPC YouTube video! No more procrastination and video editor block for me! I’m at least very happy that there’s a new video coming out soon on the TPC YT channel. It might not be the channel to go to when it comes to AI (yet). But PMs might see new content related to Project for the web and the Power Platform (mostly Power BI) regularly.