Generative AI and the PMO, prompt example and more (weekly updates)

Last week I read about Meta’s work on AI, and a couple of articles describing AI as a big bubble that’s about to pop. From my perspective, Generative AI is still a very valuable addition to the workforce. So this article covers Projectum’s progress in the field and another prompt you can use as part of the PMO.

Oh and remember that Jetpack has AI now as well? Let’s ask the AI to write a paragraph on Project Management as well.

Generative AI created this image based on a simple and fun prompt (mentioned below the image).
A cartoonish project manager sitting in a futuristic office, with a large window behind them showing a digital world. The project manager has a look of satisfaction on their face as they oversee the digital world –

Jikes, what’s happening with his feet?

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2013, some statistics

Hi readers and welcome to 2014! I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones during Christmas and New Year. I had a great time reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen king, a great book! And I spend nice long walks on the beach with the girlfriend and had great (huge) dinners.
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