The PMO and Artificial Intelligence, AI, weekly post #01

The world is changing, and the current world changer is Artificial Intelligence. How do we, as Project Management professionals adapt? This is the first of a weekly post regarding anything I can find related to Artificial Intelligence and the wider Project and Portfolio Management world.

A image created by Bearly, using Stable Diffusion asking it for "The Project Management Office and Artificial Intelligence.
A image created by Bearly, using Stable Diffusion asking it for “The Project Management Office and Artificial Intelligence”.

What to expect of these posts

There’s a BIG new window of opportunities to explore! AI has finally jumped from the silver screen onto our mobile phones and desktops. And seeing as everyone is jumping on the AI bandwagon, I thought I would charm my readers with my thoughts on this big shift.

Will AI go the way of the Metaverse and Crypto currency? Meaning (in my mind at least) that it will fizzle out of the thoughts of the public after a brief moment of ecstasy (and large tech company acquisitions, mergers and commitments)?

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think the general buzz will subside. But I don’t think we can put the genie back in the bottle.

So, in these posts I’ll explore such concepts as Machine Learning, AI and AGI but all in the context of its effects on the Project Management Office. Or, how PMI has recently rebranded it as the xMO.

I expect there will be enough new developments around the topic each week, so I think I’ll be able to fill an article per week with new interesting thoughts. But if this isn’t the case (or if I’m tied up with other things) I might need to skip a week here and there.

What AI and PMO developments I found recently

Chat GPT is not the only AI around. As Zain “The AI Guy” Kahn and so many others have stated on Social media throughout the days. There is a very wide range of AI solutions, most of them are dedicated to a specific topic or serves a specific goal. I have subscribed to his newsletter by the way, did you sign up to mine (wink wink)?

How will we filter out the tools that help us out the most? Do we even need to do that anymore now that Microsoft is embedding AI in most of its software? Notable mention here is that the new Co-pilot solution will run on Office applications as well as other Microsoft 365 apps (such as MS Teams).

This means that you will likely be working with the Microsoft AI (based on Chat-GPT in part at least) soon. Microsoft is testing it currently with 20 customers, sadly I’m not part of one of them.

No Co-Pilot in Office / Word for GDPR countries yet.
If I search for Co-Pilot in M365 Word.

Another recent development is of course the release of GPT-4 on 14 March. An improvement on GPT-3 similar to a sportscar vs a bike. I really liked this video from an AI centred YouTuber that has a first encounter with GPT-4:

A introduction to GPT-4 by All about AI

So, what about that Artificial Intelligence focus on PMO?

Ok, ok, thanks for sticking around so far. Let’s take a look at what the company I work for has recently released related to the PMO and AI. Here is a interesting article on what we believe is the do’s and don’ts when it comes to AI and the PMO.
AI article by Projectum

One of the key take aways from the article I believe is that we should not expect AI to take over. I think AI will be an assistant, just like for instance the Google assistant has been for years now, but in 5th gear.

I recently needed to format a date value in Power Automate, and instead of asking a co-worker or Google. I turned to the Bing AI. The answer was exactly what I needed.

FormatDateTime in Power Automate Bing AI example.

Of course, there are other, funnier (less useful) things the AI does as well. And you can confuse it easily:

Yes I know what we talked about, no I can’t tell you anymore what it was

Final Notes

Make sure to sign up to Projectums upcoming webinar (29th of March 2023) related to AI:

I’ll keep an eye open for the developments in AI. And next week we’ll explore a bit deeper on what AI can do for you as a PMO or even more generically speaking as a Project specialist/enthusiast.

On this blog I’ll continue the AI conversation, but did you know I have a YouTube channel as well? Its mainly focussed on Power BI and Project for the web. You might like it, here’s an example video.

Timeline visuals in Power BI