Project for the web Feedback portal update April 2022

New features come in monthly. And for Project for the web there’s a Feedback portal that we can use to let Microsoft know what to build next. This is the fourth post in the series regarding the Feedback portal. And if you have been following along you might already know what’s coming. Previous posts can be found here, here and here.

For all the rest of you, I’ll look at previously discussed feature requests. And I’ll pick a new one and discuss the feature. If it’s a cool feature you might want to vote for it, it helps Microsoft focus on creating the features we want in the tool.

Previous features requested for Project for the web

Everything is up (as you’d expect) but Integration with Ms Project is increasing faster.

Basically all features have more votes attached, with our number one on the lonely top “The My Tasks view”. I was a bit supprised to see the increase of votes slowing down. And also sad to not see a large increase in one of the more important features in my opinion: “Custom fields available in Dataverse”.

But hey, maybe that’s not something other people need. And then Microsoft might not want to focus to much on it.

Add possibility to zoom by from day to quarter, year

This for me is a must have feature for Project for the web. And I would welcome any votes on the topic. The reason for this is because the current zoom option in the timeline of Project for the web is not userfriendly at all.

The Project for the web Zoom slider in the timescale.
This slider is our zoom option for the timeline.

There is no granularity in the timeline zoom that comes anywhere close to what we can do in Microsoft Project. For reference, I made a video related to the zoom options on MS Project that you can watch here:

In Project for the web though, we only have this slider that isn’t telling us the level of detail we are zooming out to.

Project for the web zoom options are limited.
The same project, fully zoomed out.

Adding on top of the need to zoom on Quarters, Months, Weeks and Days. I would like to add an option to zoom to the entire schedule, and the “Scroll to task” option we have in Microsoft Project.

These 3 features will make the Gantt (or Timeline as it’s called in P4W) that much more readable.

If you agree with me, this is your chance to vote on the feature. And in the process, make Project for the web a better application for all users.

Final note

I’ll keep you posted on new feature release requests like this one. And on my YouTube Channel I will post new features that actually make it to Project for the web.

Did you see my “recap post” on top of the blog? it’s a great reference to the best content on TPC.