Book review: Proactive PPM with Microsoft Project 2013

Proactive PPM with Microsoft Project 2013Finally I got to it. Another book review on Project Server and this time even Project Online! I met the guys at Sensei Project Solutions at the Project Conference in Anaheim. They are a great source of Project Server information, I followed a number of their presentations and also talked to the author of the book; Kenneth Steiness.

Microsoft also acknowledges the company by making it partner of the year 2014. Congratulations guys!

———————-Update June 2015————

I have added some free content related to the book on the TPC_OneDrive, go have a look, and read the “read me” file please.


On to the review of Proactive PPM with Microsoft Project 2013

The first thing you notice when skipping trough the book is that it is very nicely designed. It has all full color images, nice font and a well thought of structure.
The first few chapters are about project (server and Project Online) in general, a necessity in all Microsoft Project books if you ask me. However, there is one paragraph I would advice anyone to read: paragraph 2.4. Go to your local book store and read that paragraph if nothing else. It concerns the project scheduling engine, and is very well written.

Moving forward into the book we get a glimpse at the Sensei Project Solutions offering called “Proactive PPM”. Exercises in the book refer to this environment, and the reporting module in particular looks awesome. The structure that Sensei has introduced into the environment consists of 6 major area’s and is well thought of and would help any organization structure their project management efforts.

Finishing the book I have to say it is a great promotional document for anyone that wants to know who the guys at Sensei Project Solutions are and what they are capable of. After a second read trough and downloading the exercises I got an even better view of the power of some of the views they created. Great source material for any scheduler

I give the book “Proactive PPM with Microsoft Project 2013”: 5 out of 5 stars.

Buy it if you are in the USA and looking for a great PPM implementation partner but can’t choose. Buy it if you’re not in the US, and go right to the download page to get the exercises (and don’t forget paragraph 2.4).

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