Windows phone 8 and sync with Google contacts. Error 8007000E (completely unrelated to Project Server)

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I just have to blog about this! I got a Windows Phone, FINALLY. So straight on I start linking the contacts of my Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook accounts. Getting a new phone is a great time to start cleaning up your contact list right? Now here’s the deal, there is a minor issue with synching your Google contacts to the windows phone. It has to do with the images on the contacts, and here in this post I will share the solution that I found.

Where it goes wrong: Error 8007000E

I got a Nokia Lumia 520, and I synchronized all my contacts from the Gmail account. Awesome! not a problem at all. But now I had this neat looking Peoples tile that just show’s blue tiles with not a picture in sight. So I looked in my OneDrive folder for some cool pictures, used a cropping tool and made some nice profile pictures of my mom, dad and lovely wife. The day after I noticed that no mails came trough, none of the pictures got synced, and no new contacts got added to my contact list.

Taking a closer look into the E-mail menu in settings I see a issue with the Google account:

Error 8007000E: Your phone doesn’t have enough memory to sync information at the moment.

The issue is misleading because the memory isn’t a problem on the phone.

Where all the current solutions didn’t solve my problem

Here is a great post on the Answers.Microsoft pages. But wait, it isn’t solved with the ” exchange – advanced mail”  solution, nor did it get solved after a reboot or pumping up the memory. So far these were the only solutions that I could find. Most people would just copy a solution over and over on multiple forums (just type in 8007000E and you will be amazed at how many people are struggling with this).

What I did to solve the issue

It’s related to the file extension of the profile pictures! The sync doesn’t work when you add a .PNG file to a Google contact. But hold on, just changing the extension of your “MyWeddingProfilePicture.PNG” to ” MyWeddingProfilePicture.JPG” will not do the trick. You need to start from scratch, with a whole new picture.

For me this worked like a charm. I deleted all the recently added pictures, and started of with fresh .JPG pictures. No more Error 8007000E codes on my phone. Now all my 100+ contacts have a nice picture (memory issue indeed…) and the people tile looks very cool.

I hope you liked reading this post. I know, it is completely unrelated to anything I posted about before, but I just had to share this with you. I hope this issue got solved using this solution. Please let me know in the comments if it did not (or if you would like to thank me of course haha).

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PS: You probably came to this blog through a Google/Bing search for the answer on the 8007000E error. But maybe you are also a Project Manager working with Microsoft Project or Project Server. If this is the case, maybe you would like to get more acquainted with this blog. Have a look at the about me page for some of my most visited posts on the subject. And again, thank you for reading!