Things to come – Getting organized again

Hello my readers,

I have been away for some time now. This was mostly due to the wedding and some very demanding, satisfing and interesting clients that took up most if not all of my time. But also because I face the biggest change to come: becoming a dad! In this post I would like to give you a view into the future posts that are currently in draft mode on the blog. I am still working on them, some need screenshots, some need more text and again others need to have some more exploring on my part.

What is to come

I am reading 3 books at the moment, 1 is a SharePoint configuration book (need to get 74-331 certified) 1 I am reviewing the draft version (will be published later this year I hope) and finally I am reading the book “proactive PPM with Microsoft Project 2013” written by Kenneth (CEO of Sensei Pro). All 3 books I will review on the blog as soon as I finished reading them.

—– I reviewed them all, have a look in the book reviews page —–

How I passed the Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 exam 70-331. If I get certified I’ll write a post with some study advices for everyone that still wants to be certified.

—– here is that post —–

I have also started my first project related app! Cool, just by using the Siena app for Windows 8.1 I created the app in a weekend. However, I have not published it yet. So I still need to do some tweaking there. I will share the road to app building with you in a post that may as well grow into a series.

Further more there is a series currently under development. The series has around 4 to 6 posts coming up. The serie will be a spinoff from my current serie on incorrect way’s to use Microsoft Project stand alone.

Moving forward

Today I have a rigid schedule, on Tuesdays I work on the blog and other personal projects, during the other day’s in the week I’ll be working on the babyroom, home improvement projects and other things that need the attention of a soon to be dad. Like reading: rich dad poor dad :).

That means that progress will be slower than usual, but I’ll get there eventually. Hope you will stick around with me and this growing blog about my encounters in the wonderful world of MS Project and Project Server. Again, thank you for reading.

Erik van Hurck

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  1. Eric, feel free to use my line, as appropriate, after your child is born. “Our project was successful, within budget, highest quality, 1 day late. And now we are in the operations phase.”

    All my prayers are with you and your family. Bill

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