The PMO and Artificial Intelligence, AI, weekly post #09

As we get back behind our desks and spin up our machines, I’d like to welcome you to another nice article about Artificial Intelligence and what it could mean for you as an employee working in or with a PMO.

A Project Managers dream come true.

Oohh, that’s just nightmare fuel right there. What’s foaming out his mouth?!

Searching or asking questions?

Bing is now promoting itself as the AI driven Search Engine. Lovely of course, but do you really think there’s 0 AI imbedded into the Google Search engine? Of course not. What we will see happening more is a shift to more asking questions to search engines instead of pasting in small pieces of information in the hopes that we will land on a page that has some smart SEO imbedded and great content to boost.

Microsoft Build 2023 happened last week

And it wasn’t a surprise to anyone in the field that Microsoft is heavily invested in getting the AI message across. As we’ve already established before, there will be Co-Pilots in almost every application provided by the Tech giant. Even Windows itself get’s a CoPilot.

For the PMO, most important additions are in office, Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform. Co-Pilots will likely ease your day as they take away the repetitive and mundane tasks, and let you focus on more pressing and creative parts of your work.

You can view the whole stack of video’s provided by Microsoft here.

I turned 41 this year!

A less known fact is, that during Build 2023 I celebrated yet another birthday with friends and family. And this year I asked for a couple of books regarding AI, just to get a better understanding and be a better conversation partner with anyone that’s interested in the topic. Here’s the 3 books I got:

3 good books on AI. Life 3.0, A thousand brains and superintelligence.
Thanks to the Gates Notes for bringing them to my attention.

A nice CoPilot (github) review

So, remember me addressing CoPilot for Github a while back? Ideal to get coding faster and more efficient? I’ve found an interesting video from a developer that has reviewed CoPilot after working with it for half a year. Which first of all, tells us he isn’t reviewing the new CoPilot+ that’s coming out of in preview right now, which is supposed to be the better version.

I liked the review, even though he’s a bit sceptical in his way of reviewing. But more in the sense that he aligned with my general thought on AI. Make use of it, but don’t depend on it fully.

CoPilot Review: My Thoughts After 6 Months – source

Final notes on Artificial intelligence

I don’t think there will ever be a final note. But let’s end this article on the positive side: we are still in control, and we have an obligation to the people that come after us to give them the brightest future possible. This, in a large part is what the first few chapters of Life 3.0 have thought me.

WE have to find a solution for the biggest question/topic ever, and we need to start now. Join the conversation, join my newsletter, subscribe to the YouTube channel. What do you want the future with AI to look like?