The PMO and Artificial Intelligence, AI, weekly post #08

More and more content is available, with ChatGPT creating a IPhone app. Companies creating add-ins to the LLM. And we, can still have a lot of fun with prompts that a image generating AI like has NO real clue on what to show:

Artificial intelligence created this image of A Project manager in a desert facing up to a huge deadline.
A Project manager in a desert facing up to a huge deadline.

I haven’t created a Midjourney payed account (yet) so untill we do I’ll stick with Bing.

LinkedIn Courses

I took 2 LinkedIn courses regarding AI and the PMO. Here are direct links to the courses in case you’d like to view them yourself:

Both are short courses, high level, but they do give you a nice overview of interesting topics such as defining the AI scope and what an algaritm can/should do for you.

Slide from the first course content.

Espessially the first course has some nice insights on what AI for PM’s means and could do for us. The need to introduce the AI stakeholder is a briliant move!

The course continues with stating:

To stay relevant, PMO’s must be more adaptive and embrace AI.


A new webinar from Projectum and Sulava

More AI goodness from our company. Make sure you sign up to our 7th of June webinar for free.

Revolutionize your Portfolio and Project Management strategy with AI!

Now, if that isn’t a title you can get behind I don’t know what is 😁

In the webinar we will focus on the question “will we, Let AI lead with us, not for us?”. And if you have followed allong with my posts so far, you know what my disposition is leaning towards.

Final Notes

I would love to hear from you, and how you are preparing your organization to addopt AI. Or if you aren’t currently doing so and why. Reach out to me in the socials.