The PMO and Artificial Intelligence, AI, weekly post #10

For the 10th post on Artificial Intelligence and the PMO, I’m happy to share a step-by-step guide on my first steps on ChatGPT Plus. Here is a list of the previous articles.

A Project manager meeting a AI for the first time, they are happy to meet and both think that they will do great work together. pixel art

Thoughts on the AI image

Robots are interesting, but since I’ve read (the first chapters of) the Life 3.0 book. I tend to like the top left image the most. It is a general misconception that AI = Robots.

AI doesn’t need a “body” and doesn’t need to be a robot. Just look at ChatGPT, it’s a very cool and powerful AI. But it doesn’t have a body, apart from the multitude of Azure hardware boxes sitting somewhere on the globe.

So, when I prompted the image generation, I was wondering how the AI would represent itself or any AI that the Project Manager would meet up with.

The top left image shows a chat bubble. And there is a computer on the desk? So how I interpret this: two people meet up and there’s a chat AI (like ChatGPT) in the room with them.

This scenario doesn’t sound futuristic anymore. I would argue that a lot of PMs have already experimented with generative Artificial Intelligence. Are you already using any? Let me know through the newsletter.

Onward, to the body of this article.

Step 1: Open a Chat GPT plus account

Opening a ChatGPT account is easy and free. Just head over to the website and sign up. After some initial exploration you could start going for a paid plan, currently around 20 euros per month.

Go to settings and update your plan for the paid version: ChatGPT Plus.

You will need to provide credit card details and agree to the terms and conditions as well as the fact that this is a monthly recurring cost. Changing the subscription back to free is easy from the “my Plan” menu.

Step 2: Change some settings to improve the AI

After you activated the new plan, you can start exploring the more exciting and new/beta features of ChatGPT. First thing should of course be to use the 4.0 version of the Artificial Intelligence. This is vastly more accurate and was trained on a bigger dataset and so on.

But, then the next thing to do is activate the Bing search engine. This can be done by clicking the “Browse with Bing Beta” feature. Now, the AI will determine if it needs to find new data instead of only rely on it’s training data that dates to, I believe 2021.

Now, we can ask ChatGPT to find information from the web and analyse that data to provide more accurate and timely responses.

And then there are Plugins to explore as well. Here’s a nice post about 15 of the current plugins that you could explore.

I added the first one right away and was very impressed with “Prompt Perfect”. Here’s the prompt I gave, and the “perfect” response the plugin provided.

A very cool, and very useful plugin to ChatGPT.

If you are curious about the article the AI provided, I have it stored in the OneDrive folder you get access to when signing up to the newsletter. It’s called “First AI article on AI and the PMO”. Oh My God! I was very impressed.

Based on the list above, these are the plugins I installed on my ChatGPT Plus account. I believe I’ll be extensively using them in the future.

My first prompt and the response (before I installed plugins)

I wrote the first prompt before writing the top section in detail, so I didn’t use prompt perfect or any of the other enhancements.

My first ChatGPT prompt

What are the top 5 trends related to the Project Management Office? And how can I as a content creator use those trends in my next videos on YouTube?

The Artificial Intelligence response

Here are some current trends in Project Management that I found which may be useful for your YouTube videos:

  1. Constantly Changing Digital Tools & Technology: The landscape of project management tools is rapidly evolving, and tools that were once considered the latest and greatest quickly become outmoded. Digital project managers need to continually develop their ability to evaluate and implement software. This also includes discerning which digital technologies to use and when. This trend could provide several video topics, such as reviews of new project management tools, tutorials on how to use them, and discussions about how to evaluate and choose the right technology for a project management team​1​.
  2. Hybrid Project Management Methodologies: Organizations are embracing a hybrid model of project management, combining elements from different methodologies like waterfall and agile. This trend suggests a need for project managers to tailor their practices to the needs of their teams, and it offers many video topic opportunities, such as explaining what hybrid project management is, giving examples of how to implement it, and discussing its advantages and disadvantages​1​.
  3. Focus on developing soft skills: The Project Management Institute (PMI) has highlighted the importance of “Power Skills”—interpersonal skills that include collaborative leadership, communication, an innovative mindset, for-purpose orientation, and empathy. This trend emphasizes the need for project managers to continue learning and embracing professional development, which could be a rich source of video content. You might create videos on how to develop these power skills, the importance of these skills in project management, and real-life examples of these skills in action​1​.

I ran out of time before I could find the last two trends, and I apologize for the incomplete response. However, I believe these first three trends could already provide ample material for your YouTube videos. Let me know if you’d like me to continue searching for the remaining trends or if you have any other requests.

Final notes

Now that I have a ChatGPT Plus account I can work more on my prompt building skills. Even though, with Prompt Perfect, I will likely speed that process up by adding “Perfect” to each of my prompts and see what would make my prompt better.

I would be open to any suggestions, are you interested in a certain prompt and how the AI would respond to it? Make sure to sign up to the newsletter and send me your prompt questions. I might include them in future blog articles.