The PMO and Artificial Intelligence, AI, weekly post #03

Week number 3 already? How are you enjoying these weekly posts regarding Artificial Intelligence and the PMO / Project Management? Let’s see what happened this last couple of days in the land of rapid development and innovation!

Pablo Picasso painting with Bing AI
Pablo Picasso painting of the Project Management Office – Bing AI

Oh my, I really like this one! But you don’t want to see the other 3 pictures the AI generated, trust me.

All in all, countries and companies are starting to notice downsides in generative AI. Deep fakes are so easy to create, but that’s not all. There’s a clear concern from original content creators around the source of AI generated content. Is AI stealing my work without me knowing it, or getting any acknowledgment?

Maybe this is the natural way of forcing the legislation I mentioned last week. Maybe countries and companies won’t work with an AI if it doesn’t have clear boundaries.

But I digress. Let’s have a look at some of the things I’ve seen that can affect your work as part of a PMO.

An AI 8-ball

Do you remember these toys that you would shake, and it will give you an answer to any question? I believe I found a business AI savvy version of it!

Artificial Intelligence or 8 ball

This AI will allow you to write your decision/question and the AI will give you a response with pro’s and con’s. I gave it a try to see if there’s any good results that I can use in my content creation efforts. The first results were nice, even though they were quite generic.

I started out with creating a persona for my decisions. It is a wise thing to do, because the AI will target answers in a better way. I’m a bit offended by the profile picture it created for me, but what am I going to do about stereotypes right?

I am a AI generated content creator 🙁

With the creation of my persona, I now have 21 credits to spend on decisions. Let’s go, the prompt starts with “I decide” and you fill in the rest:

Artificial Intelligence response from a business question
Should I Create a weekly blog post regarding the PMO and AI?

And another one (currently just a dream): Use my blog, newsletter and YouTube channel to promote a digital product. It’s a course on how to get started a Project Management Office with Microsoft products. The product will contain 10 video’s and relevant documentation. There will also be a dedicated site for purchasers to chat with me.

The result is thought provoking, which is probably the best thing the AI can do: Make you think. This was the response:

Evaluate the product carefully before promotion

Before promoting the digital product, it is important to evaluate it carefully to ensure it meets your standards and aligns with your values as a content creator. It may also be beneficial to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to maintain transparency with your audience. If you decide to promote the product, it’s important to balance promotional efforts with continuing to create high-quality content for your blog, newsletter, and YouTube channel.

I just spent 2 credits so far. 19 more to go! Want to give it a try for yourself? Here’s the link:

Rationale – a revolutionary decision-making AI powered by the latest GPT and in-context learning (

Stanford University on Artificial Intelligence

A document regarding the AI Index report for 2023. I didn’t read all the 380+ pages. But here is the Bearly summary if you are curious:

This article is the sixth edition of the AI Index Report, which provides data and insights about Artificial Intelligence. It includes new chapters on AI public opinion, technical performance, global AI legislation records, and environmental impact of AI systems.

Key takeaways:

  1. Industry has taken over from academia in producing significant machine learning models.
  2. AI performance is reaching saturation on traditional benchmarks, but new benchmarking suites are being released.
  3. AI systems can have both positive and negative environmental impacts.
  4. AI is increasingly being used to accelerate scientific progress.
  5. The demand for AI-related professional skills is increasing across virtually every American industrial sector.
  6. Private investment in AI decreased in 2022, but has increased significantly over the last decade.
  7. Policymaker interest in AI is on the rise.
  8. Chinese citizens are among those who feel the most positively about AI products and services.

Counter arguments:

  1. AI systems are prone to hallucination, routinely biased, and can be tricked into serving nefarious aims.
  2. AI is increasingly defined by the actions of a small set of private sector actors, rather than a broader range of societal actors.

Artificial Intelligence and Time tracking

As a project manager you need to get a hold on the effort your resources put in. At Projectum we created Time for Teams. A smart multi-source solution that is integrated in Microsoft Teams. However, we don’t call this a AI solution.

Projectum Time for Teams.
Projectum’s Time for Teams solution

There doesn’t need to be an AI inside time sheeting in my opinion. But I might be wrong. There’s at least 1 provider of timesheet software that does think they are using AI:

I haven’t tried it out, mostly because I’m a (very) happy user of our own solution. But if you are curious to what the AI component is within the Time sheeting app I’d say give them a try… and of course you should also sign up for our free trial to do a comparison.

Final Notes

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