Covid-19, raising awareness

Hi reader,

You might be thinking “hold on Erik is a Project blogger, what’s going on here?!”. And yes you are right, normally I would write about Project and Portfolio management, Power BI or Microsoft’s host of other cool applications (such as Teams and the combo with Project Online).

But, you must also agree with me that these aren’t normal circumstances anymore right?

The Netherlands is currently hit with closed schools, musea and other measures. We aren’t on complete lockdown yet, but who knows this might happen in the coming days.

That’s why I wrote this article to help raise awareness on the Covid-19 pandamic and share some reports and articles created by (hopefully) way smarter people then me.

First, the beauty (and the beast) of visualisation

Visualizing a situation can make that situation a lot clearer then just the numbers could. I started off by creating a very simple Power BI report to capture the date, the total cases and deathtole. That gave me a big fright because of the hockystick increase of the number of cases.

But then I got access to some of the better reports and I have to say that they are very clear. They show a good decrease in China, but an overall increase of cases worldwide. Things aren’t settlening down people, please be save! Here are the reports I look at regularly to get a “view on the world”:

Second, some interesting articles

Sadly, not everything can be explained with just visualisation. And the COVID-19 pandamic is no different here. So a lot is being done to explain and understand the current situation. Here are a couple of articles I found very interesting to read to get a better understanding on what we are facing:

Final notes

Hope you don’t mind my deviation on normal topics (I promiss to return to my normal subject soon). I thought it would be a good idea to help raise awareness on this topic and if you have a good source that you believe should be here, please connect with me.

Stay save,

Erik van Hurck