Product review: PMP Deep Dive

Hi Reader,
Welcome to a massively overdue topic on The Project Corner! Here is another Product review. This time we are taking a look at the PMP Deep Dive online training course from the Versatile company. And stick around till the end, because I managed to get you a discount :-).

Introduction to the PMP Deep Dive

You might wonder how I got introduced to the PMP Deep Dive. A while back I reviewed The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management by Eric Verzuh. And Eric and I have remained in contact after this review. At the start of 2020 he reached out to me, mentioning that he created an ELearning course that will help people pass the PMP Exam.

The PMP Deep Dive will help you achieve this goal and it’s catch phrase is “better, faster, and more fun.”

Better, Faster More Fun, the PMP Deep Dive by Eric Verzuh and company

Is the PMP Deep Dive better?

Traditional classroom training can be a hassle for an employee that needs to manage going to work, taking care of the family and on top of that go to a training facility to sit back in the benches to learn.

When you’ve got a mountain of content to digest – and the PMP is a big mountain – you want it delivered up in small bites. That’s the advantage of eLearning over five days listening to an instructor. The best part of the PMP Deep Dive is how small the bites are: Quick video; quick reading; quick Q&A activity and you’ve just digested a new idea.

Open any browser from a desktop or tablet, log in and start learning.

Is the PMP Deep Dive faster?

One of the biggest advantages of ELearning in my opinion is that it’s self paced. This means that you get a personal “learning locker” that you can access any time once you purchased the course.

The learning locker contains roughly 2 items. A manual, and the training course.

  • The manual is a straightforward document with in-depth explanations on concepts such as critical path and deliverables (just to name a few).
  • The training course consists of video instructions, reading advice from the manual and a set of questions.

The course is created by Eric Verzuh’s Versatile company in collaboration with Crosswind Learning. And they did an excellent job in making difficult, or otherwise challenging topics accessible.

So, is it faster? That would all depend on your personal commitment towards the PMP title. Are you able and willing to set aside time in a structured way? Then you will be able to take the PMP Exam after just a couple of weeks of learning.

Compare that to taking a week to sit in class, then spending several more weeks reading and reviewing test questions. If self-study fits your learning style, then you will spend fewer hours by using the Deep Dive!

I do highly recommend you take the exam questions, and retake them after you completed the training course completely. And another great advantage of ELearning: you can revisit a class as much as you want.

And what about fun?

I found the interactivity within the course (questions and questioning methods) superior compared to a lot of other online courses. Eric and his team have taken their time to deliver great testing experiences.

And for me the interactive part makes it fun, challenging yourself to reach the 100% correct answers. Reading up on Project Management topics, watching an engaging video that describes a topic is all at your fingertips.

And to give you some examples of the content in the PMP Deep Dive here’s a YouTube playlist with bits and pieces in regards to Project Cost Management:

9 video’s in total.

So, what about that discount?

That’s the real fun, right? Getting stuff for less then the actual price? Well, I asked Eric if he could do something for me and my readers.

And we agreed on an affiliate construction, meaning that I will receive a small portion of the profits without an additional cost to you.

Best of all! I managed to save you 150 Dollars on the purchase if you use the discount code TPC645 at check out. It’s very easy to do:

Step one on purchasing the PMP Deep Dive eLearning.
  1. Click on Buy Course from the main page: Https://
  2. From here select the Individual purchase.
  3. Select the left option on screen (see screenshot left)
  4. Create an account and on the last section, the payment method you should enter TPC645 at the discount section and click apply:
The PMP Deep Dive, including discount code TPC645.

If this ran successfully you should see the following change happening.

Once the dicount code TPC645 is filled in you will get the new grand total price.

And you are good to go, click on Submit and you are on your way towards PMP greatness :-).