2015, some statistics

Hi readers,
2016 already, wow! I hope you had a wonderful time during the December festivities. As always thank you for visiting, reading, sharing, Tweeting, Linking and Liking the blog, you guys are awesome! 2015 has been an amazing, productive and all out interesting year for me, and just like I did when I started the blog in 2013 and again in 2014 I would like to share some statistics with you. And of course, WordPress provided it’s own summary of the blog that you can find here.

The 2015 goals

2015 was the second full year of blogging for me, the goals I set weren’t all achieved but I don’t feel to bad about the overall result. Here are the goals I set at the beginning of 2015 and how they worked out.

  • 50 new posts – 28 posts were published
  • 4 new book reviews – Exactly four were written
  • At least 4 Project Online posts – Yes, and more
  • 50 daily visitors – Only in the first 2 months, in the weekends and during times I hadn’t written much I had less daily visitors.

The number of posts

So I didn’t reach the 50 new posts on the blog last year. But it hasn’t been a bad year for blogging eighter. The posts I wrote had more body then 2014, with some posts reaching more then 2.000 words. The bigger posts mostly have the prefix “About…” for instance “About Start date“. And I wrapped all the about posts together in this summary entry.

The five best viewed posts in 2015 are:
1) About Percent Complete in Microsoft Project
2) The Office templates within Microsoft Project
3) How I passed the Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 exam 70-331
4) Using max units in Microsoft Project
5) About start dates in Microsoft Project

The book reviews I’ve done

Just like 2014 it was a good year for reading books. I’ve read 4 books that were worth mentioning on The Project Corner. Here is the complete list of books I reviewed so far. And this is the list of new editions in 2015.

  • The Proactive Team Members Guide to using Project Online
  • Microsoft Project 2013 The Missing manual
  • Delivering Exceptional Project Results
  • Forecast scheduling with Microsoft Project 2013

I will continue reading in 2016, and if the books are worth mentioning I will share the review on the blog.

An almost steady increase in visitors

From Januari to October I had an increase of visitors, every month! Only the last two months had a decline in visits. Have a look at the chart with a peak at almost 2.000 visitors a month, awesome!

The Project Corner increasing visitors in 2015

In total there were 32.359 views and 17.949 visitors! Thank you all for visiting and taking the time to read my blog.

The items I’m most proud of

Another guest post! There aren’t many on the site, so when I find another Project expert to write something on the Project Corner I’m naturally excited about it. The post was written by Michael Belfry, have a look at his blog as well, it’s real nice!

The Project Corner OneDrive. A sharing service I provide to you my readers. It contains interesting documents that are closely related to my posts. And if you are a follower you get access to a special section with even more goodies :).

The Project Virtual Conference participation! I did a presentation, about the “five incorrect ways of using MS Project stand alone version” posts. You can find the presentation by registrering for the event and you can look at all the other sessions as well, all for free!

A video, created based on one of my About posts. Awesome to see written content in a video, I wish I had the time and skills to do this with all my posts… but I’m more of a writer.

I was in the top 10 of the most read articles in 2015 on MPUG. It’s an older article, but still it is great to see people from all around the world like the post all the same.

2016, new year new goals!

Just like the years before I would like to set some goals for 2016.

My number 1 goal will be to take the blog to a new domain. Not “evanhurck.wordpress” anymore but something that speaks about the content on the site.

For this year I won’t set a goal on the amount of posts anymore. But I will put effort in creating another set of posts with great content and the information you need to be succesful with Microsoft Project. I’m going to write a number of posts, but rather then setting a counter on the quantity I would like to set a goal for quality. I would like to have posts that have at least 10 visits every week for the first two months they are on the blog.

Another guest post, another type of review and hopefully another video. These are not really goals but more on my wish list.

Wrapping this post up: Hope you had a great New Years Eve and I hope you have set some realistic and ambitious goals for 2016!

Kind regards,