Microsoft Ignite 2015

Hi people,

Another exiting year for Microsoft! HoloLens, Office 2016, Windows 10, Surface 4. Ooohhh yeah! And where would you go to hear about, see and experience all this great new goodness?

The Microsoft Ignite 2015 conference!

All information can be found on the official page of course, here is the link.

Next week (4 may) it will start in all its MS splendor, everyone who is anyone will be there…… Except yours truly :(. I’m sad to inform you I will not be attending the conference this year. However colleagues of mine will be there: Rutger-Jan van Schie and Maurice Ausum, if you see them, tell them I said “Hi, you lucky basterds!” haha.

I will note down any interesting content that I find about the conference and will note down the URL’s here. So keep this post in mind, it will grow as we progress in the conference.

Day 1: Key Notes and starting the action.

Did you get the chance to see all the key notes? Wow it was action packed. If you haven’t, here is the place to go: Here you will also be able to keep informed using the live feed. Day 2 starts in a couple of hours as I write this down.

Key notes focussed on enpowerment! Giving users of the Microsoft universe the power to do what they want to do. There was a great presentation on Windows 10, Skype and the HoloLens (a personal new hobby for me I believe).

On the Channel9 page you will be able to view the recordings of the best visited / most interesting sessions. “Hello Windows” looked great, Security was big and don’t forget “The Next Gen for Office 365“.

Day 2:

Here is what I was looking at:

  1. Anouncements about Project (Server) 2016 (Paul’s recap)
  2. Top Features of Windows 10
  3. A File’s Future with OneDrive for Business

Also, if you want to keep informed about the event, look for #MSIgnite on Twitter. And while you are there start following Christophe Fiessinger ‏@cfiessinger. He does some great wrap ups of the event. And don’t forget blogger Paul Mather: he does a great blogging wrap up focussing on what might interest Project (Server) users.

Day 3 / 5:

I had to focus on some client cases so I didn’t have much time to look at the Ignite sessions these days. But have a close look at the Day 5 recap and you will get a great view of the entire event.

If you like to read about the last conference I did attend, you can find it here.