What are the best tools for project management?

This is the introductory post of a three part series. In it I will give my view on what (Microsoft) product matches your expectations on Project Management software. I will include my own experience and links to Microsoft pages or other blogs to give you a complete overview.

Edition 26-10-2016: I did another review, this time for Microsoft Planner. Please find the link in the list below.

In these posts I will take a look at the products Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM for short. This used to be EPM in earlier versions of the product). But I will also look at Excel, because most people I talk to have (in a earlier live) used Excel to manage their schedules and projects.

I will give points to every product on a number of levels like ease of use and collaboration in an organization.

Here are the direct links to the posts as they come available:

I hope you will enjoy the posts, please leave a message in the comments. Also if you liked this series of posts, have a look at my five incorrect ways to use MS Project series or the Resources page for more.

9 thoughts on “What are the best tools for project management?”

    1. Hi Gaetanlectair, Thanks for the comment, but I can not provide any usefull information on both products because I do not have any experience with them. Maybe someone els would like to do a guestpost to add them in a later stage. However this is a blog based on the Microsoft product line.

  1. Erik,
    With no offense, the title of your three part series is very misleading, if you are only going to only address Microsoft products.
    There are a number of comprehensive and enterprise-class tools that I feel you should consider evaluating in your next series – Clarizen (clarizen.com), Celoxis (www.celoxis.com), Genuis Project (geniusproject.com)


    1. Hello Troy,

      It’s all a mater of viewpoint right? I am a Microsoft applications consultant and therefore can only provide my view on these products. Of course there are other tools available, such as Basecamp, Celoxis, P6 and a whole range of other tools. However, it is my opinion that these “non standard” tools are mostly used by entrepeneurs and small businesses and that the corporate world tends to use Microsoft’s portfolio. If I ever get provisioned with any of the other tools I will add them to this serries and tell people the pro’s and con’s of them as well.

      Thank you for your comment Troy, I’m glad I filtered it out of the spam folder in time,
      Kind regards,

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