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Hi readers,

Have you ever wondered “what does that Van Hurck guy actually sound like?”. Well fear not, I recently got a LinkedIn message from Prasanna Adavi:

“I wanted to invite you to be a guest for an episode on MS Project Podcast. Do you think you can do it?”

I was all excitement! Prasanna and his co-host Dave have, to my knowledge, the only noteworthy Microsoft Project podcast in the world.

To dive into the episode here is a direct link to the podcast page I got featured in. We talk about my history at JSR as a consultant, about ProjectOnline and some specific cases I handled. There is also a special offer for the Dutch listeners at the end.

But, before you go and listen to me, there are a number of other great episodes. Here are 3 of my personal favorites (just click on the text to go to the recording):

Let me know what you thought about the podcast, and if I am ready for stardom in radio.

—————-Update 29 Oktober———————-

Hi People,

Just a short update, I found out that adding a password protected page with a hard to reach password doesn’t work. Therefore I deleted the separate page. This was the content available on the page:

Here are direct links to the subjects that we talked about:

And here are a few direct links to the best posts on my blog:

In the Podcast I also mentioned a special offer if you are situated in The Netherlands. These are a presentation on ProjectOnline or Project Server, or a 1 month free Project Online trial version. This offering has expired, but feel free to contact Projectum for a demo.

And again, thank you so much for listening to the podcast, hope to see you around.

Erik van Hurck

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