The Project conference 2014 series

Hi readers,

I think I am not done yet with the Project conference 2014. Which was in February 2014. There was so many content that I am still working out the “aftermath weekend posts” and then there are the great meetings I had with TPG, Sensei Project Solutions, Projectum, FluentPro, EPMA, and i2e consulting.

So this post will be a collection post (just like my series on incorrect use of MS Project and the book reviews) where I will store the links to all the Project Conference related information on The Project Corner.

Here is the list of the items that are on the site so far:
The announcement
The arrival
The first day
The Wrap up
Aftermath weekend part 1
Aftermath weekend part 2

Hope you have a great weekend. Hapy reading,

Edit 28 feb 2014: All video’s are online! Click here to visit the Channel 9 page.