Project Conference – day 2 and wrapping up

First: a lesson I learned about blogging. Don’t promise a post a day if you can’t deliver. I’m sorry, day 2 was a very busy day that ended with a Technical Engineer singing Britney Spears’ “baby hit me one more time”. But I’m getting ahead on myself. Let’s start with Tuesday: So I actually did the run that was an idea by Jacques Goupil and PPM works. Well to be honest I did the short round. But it felt great to be running again.

I have been to a number of interesting sessions on the second and last day, here are the ones I followed:

  • Wave Planning With Project Server
  • Microsoft Project desktop extensibility – building and selling Apps for Project to millions of users
  • Project Server 2013 Deployment Best Practices from the field
  • From PPM to Enterprise Portfolio Management. See How UMT360 is Helping Companies Take Project Server to a New Level
  • EVM De-Mystified – Understanding Earned Value Management with The New Project

Between sessions I had a nice chat with Stavros Georgantzis from TPG and a nice preview on the apps build by i2e consulting (really liked the task bubble game and Risk Register+).

I also finally met Nanad in real life! I follow his blog on a regular basis and like his easy to follow pictures that provide a great walk through for even the most basic user of MS Project. We talked about the Earned Value Management session we followed, a real nice chat.

Just like my day 1 post I will add resource links as they come available during the next couple of weeks. Make sure to check out the Wave planning session by Tom if you want an action packed introduction to using generic resources and specific resources to create a schedule that doesn’t need a lot of time once it is created. Make sure to look at the EVM session if you want to know about the Earned Value fields in MS Project 2013.

Last but not least, I have made a lot of contacts and would like to thank everyone for making this Conference one to remember!

Edit 28 feb 2014: All video’s are online! Click here to visit the Channel 9 page.