The PMO and Artificial Intelligence, AI, weekly post #06

I took an extra week off-line before jumping back on the blogging task. I hope you haven’t missed me too much. And I’m happy to report that AI hasn’t taken over yet (as far as I can report on such a thing). Let’s take another look at what AI has accomplished, and how it will likely affect you as part of the PMO.

A team running a large construction project, combining digital interfaces and actual real time environment, photo realistic professional photography – Bing AI

The current AI is focussed on plausibility. Not accuracy.

I read an article on AI during my vacation that I found interesting (be aware of harsh language). It describes some common misconceptions about the current hype. And how that might affect users. One thing struck me in particular that I wanted to share with you as well.

Be aware that the current AI LLM’s are machine learning AI models. That means that they have a dataset that they were trained on, and they provide responses based on plausibility. Specifically plausibility of being a answer to the prompt. Plausible is not the same as True/right/accurate.

Therefore, and I must sound like a broken record by now, it is required for a professional PM to double check the AI’s output if the PMO starts to work with AI models like Chat GPT.

A lot can be done by Artificial Intelligence, but it is your job to push the result over the finish line. Please don’t rely fully on the AI, trust your personal experience and knowledge as well. See the AI as assistant, nothing more.

A quote from the article itself that states similar:

There are no massive blunders on the Microsoft side yet, but the company seems to know what’s coming, which is why they made a point of warning their users. “Bing will sometimes misrepresent the information it finds, and you may see responses that sound convincing but are incomplete, inaccurate, or inappropriate,” they wrote. “Use your own judgment and double check the facts before making decisions or taking action based on Bing’s responses.”


Two podcasts

Apart from reading I also had the chance to search Spotify for some cool podcasts / audio plays to listen to related to AI.

And even though they aren’t directly related to PMO’s working with AI, I do think they are interesting to share here.

Dr. NoSleep’s short horror clip. In it a user unleashes a AI to the world. Even though it sounded scarry, I can’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t all that bad. This sounds almost like going to the doctor for a check up before you are sick. Isn’t it a good thing to know what’s coming? So that you can prepare in a better way? Or alter the future by taking a different course of action? What do you think? Let me know through my Twitter account or LinkedIn, or maybe you want to become a member of the newsletter.

Chrysalis – Dust. 14 episodes in total, and completely worth the listening to. A highly sophisticated AI wakes up to a destroyed Earth seeking revenge. The show does a great job at giving the listener the out of body feeling the AI describes eloquently. It’s talks about how it operates its fuel needs in system 1 and builds an army on system 2 simultaniously and through one hive mind is very interesting. I hope you like this show.

Final Notes

A short article this time, still taking a vacation vibe. Next week I’ll be all business again I promise.