UserVoice #7: a final note

During the reimagine Project Management with Microsoft I had a short breakout session. I choose a topic that has frequented the blog as well.

In the session we discussed some of the top UserVoice items and Brian Smith (Senior Escalation Engineer at Microsoft) mentioned this article to me.

Reading through the article it’s clear that Microsoft is leaving the UserVoice platform and leveriging the Microsoft specific platforms to gather users feedback. These are:

– In-product experiences
– Windows Feedback Hub
– Microsoft Tech Community
– Microsoft Store
– Microsoft Q&A

In-product experiences?

Have you ever noticed the “send a smile” feature in Project for the Web or any of the other Office 365 products? That’s what is meant with the in-product experiences.

The “Send a Smile” feedback option.

Clicking on that button will open up a new window that gives you 3 options. You either like something, don’t like something or have a suggestion.

Options to include text and a screenshot are very nice here!

Currently the Project applications still use the UserVoice platform with the I have a suggestion option. But we will see a change coming up there.

Microsoft Tech Community, the place to be

So, where do we go when we want to interact specifically with the project product team in Redmond? I would suggest levereging the Microsof Tech community. And specifically this Project hub of locations:

Project related blog’s and discussionboard

As you can see there are already a number of articles and a active discussion community there. Instead of searching for the locations here are the direct links for all 3.

Final note

I believe UserVoice had a great run. Where for me, I have seen some great interaction with Microsoft and seeing user requested content show up on the applications.

That social guided development is great, and I just hope that Microsoft keeps an open mind and knows how important this is in the current day and age.

In any case, thanks for reading. Stay in touch by signing up to the Newsletter or maybe you would like to sit back and watch some video’s?