2019, and a happy New Year

Normally I would do an extensive blog update on how last year went. Sharing some numbers and talking about how my year was in general.

This year I wanted to share a short note with a little information on what has happened the last two months. Because updates have been scares during that time and I think it will take a little more time before I’m back in the game.

The last two months of 2019

Apart from a very busy work schedule with multiple weeks of a lot of overtime I prepared our move to the new house together with the wife and kids. So daytime work, evening with the kids or painting/moving/ other stuff. So, I’m writing this post on my mobile phone with the WordPress app (which is great) because my tablet is boxed in and I don’t have a WiFi connection yet haha.

I’m a bit sad that this busy time for me comes at the same time as the biggest thing hitting Project since… well forever?

So as a little consolation I created a new resources page dedicated to the new Project for the Web. I intend to fill that with a lot of goodness others contributed to the community.

When I’m up and running again

As soon as the big unboxing is finished I’ll pick up the blogging and vlogging schedule again. And perhaps even do a sprint to get my mind fully wrapped around the future.

For now, I leave you my very best wishes for 2020. I hope they all come true. For us, the new house is a dream come true. Here’s a couple of impression pictures:

The MVP also stands for: Moving Various Property
The girls love the view from Wendy’s room
The kitchen
Painting on Louise’s room. Feeling artistic 🙂

3 thoughts on “2019, and a happy New Year”

  1. Happy new year Erik.

    Thank you for your effort in the articles and youtube videos.

    I wish you and your family an exciting 2020 ahead!

    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks Jenny, it’s going to be an excellent year for the community. There’s a lot to write about. Kind regards, Erik

  2. Good luck in your new home, sounds as though you have you hands full. Focus on your family and your new home and when it makes sense you will be back at it for sure. Thank you for all you do…

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