2017, some statistics

Hi readers, and welcome to another year!

Statistics2017 is done, gone and not coming back (unless scientists invent a nice blue police box that is of course). And just like any other year ever since I started The Project Corner I would like to share with you some statistics. 

Stats from the blog

In 2017 20.145 people visited TPC to get insights on MS Project, Project Online, Power BI, Book reviews and other related subjects. They visited a total of 33.162 pages all together. And stuck around roughly 2,5 minutes before moving on. For a blog in a very niche market I consider this a huge success! And I hope you agree.

Popular items people searched on to find my blog were:

  • Microsoft Project 2013 templates
  • Microsoft Project 2016 templates
  • MS Project reports
  • Project Server workflow
  • MS Project percent complete

With a total of 16.300 visitors coming from direct organic searches.

The most popular article on the blog remains About Percent Complete in Microsoft Project. This post just keeps hitting the 100 views per week every week. I hope 2018 brings me such a successful post as well, I’ll keep searching and writing the best I can to deliver the best content for you.

The newsletter is another huge success. Already 115 people signed up, and that number is steadily growing. When I started the newsletter early in 2017 I had a goal to reach 100 people in that year and 250 in 2018. But at this rate I might need to increase that number :-).

TPC Newsletter
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Stats on MPUG

On MPUG I’ve been an active contributor as well, with the “common issues” series coming to a close next month after 7 best practice articles related to project management. Have a look at the top articles in 2017 post MPUG did in December. I made the list as #2, and let me tell you, all articles on the list are worth sinking your teeth in.

And if you are curious about all my articles on MPUG, just head over to my authors page and you will get a nice overview with direct links.

Other statistics


At the end of the year I did something completely new for me. I provided a webinar with the aid of Microsoft. The title was “Project Online, Planner & Teams: the winning combination” and it was a success! With more than a thousand people signing up and 437 people viewing the webinar live. With a total of more than 900 people that viewed the recording after the live show.

If you missed it don’t worry, you can still get the recording via the official link here.

Twitter @ErikvanHurck

I’m still active on Twitter, with 2.000 tweets related to Project / Project Online / Power BI and related tools.


You can also find me on LinkedIn where I will start experimenting with posting articles. In 2017 I posted an article that ended up with 139 views and 2 shares.

And I recently got promoted to moderator of a very successful LinkedIn group called Project User Group, you might want to consider joining the group as it holds a lot of great content from a lot of the very best bloggers around.

Final notes

So, here we are, 2018. And I would like to raise a glass to you, my faithful readers. I hope this new year will bring you all the good fortune, luck and health that you desire. And I hope that I will be able to provide you with another year of great content. Who knows, maybe we will get the chance to meet in person. And if so, don’t be shy and just come over and say hello :-).

See you around. Kind regards,

Erik van Hurck

2 thoughts on “2017, some statistics”

  1. These are great numbers Erik! Additionally, being number 2 in the top articles at MPUG is such a huge achievement!

    I hope you can still find time to share your thoughts and knowledge about Microsoft Project. Keep up the great work you do!

    All the best 🙂

    1. Thanks for the complements Raphael.
      Look forward too engage with you on that video. And it is true, two kids is a lot of work and the blog does suffer a bit from it. But hey I knew what I was getting in to haha.
      2018 will be a very interesting year on every front. See you around,

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