Top sessions to watch – The Project Virtual Conference

With only 6 days left till the Project virtual conference starts, here is an update about the top sessions I would look into. I made 3 separate selections because of the different tracks that you can follow. I limited my list to only 5 sessions per track. This does not mean that the other sessions are any less, but these are just my personal pick and interests. Regardless, I hope you will join the conference and help make it an awesome event.

If you have not registered yet here is the link.

Starting with the Key note – Sajan Parihar

With the Title “Beyond 2015: The shape of things to come for Microsoft Project” you are sure to have an interesting presentation. Direct link to the session.

Project virtual conference Track A – Schedule Management, Resource Management, Program Management

PMO Resource strategies, monitoring and automation – Michael Wharton

Are you (considering) working in a PMO? And are you struggling to manage resources? This might be a session for you. Direct link to the session.

Resource engagements – now PMS and RMS can be friends! – Julie Kohler

The Project Online offering has a new feature “Resource engagements” Getting to know the power of this new feature might make your life a lot easier. Paul Mather recently did an interesting post about the subject as well. Direct link to the session.

A sneaky use of visibility projects for smart work management – Gary Chefetz

We know Gary from the book review I did in the early days of the blog. And reading the session summary I was  triggered by: “Turn Project Online into a smart work management solution”. I’m very curious how this session will turn out. Direct link to the session.

It’s all about the base(lines): tracking and variance in MS Project – Julie Sheets

A title I am very happy with. Baselines are very important and can’t get mentioned enough, hope you like this session. Direct link to the session.

Task types – final demystification – Nenad trajkovski

We know Nenad from the guest post he did and his own blog that has been retweeted by me numerous times. A good understanding of Task types is a prerequisite for a successful schedule, don’t miss this session! Direct link to the session.

Project virtual conference Track B – Cost & Benefit Management, Reporting and BI

Project Online BI made easy – Paul Mather

I have frequently mentioned Paul in this blog, he is a great source on Project Server/Online. And “easy” sounds good right? Direct link to the session.

Reporting in MS Project client – Barbara Henhapl and Torben Blankertz

Reporting on the Server side has been blogged about extensively, if you want to know anything about reporting you will most likely find what you are looking for. That is not the case for client reporting. Therefore this will be an interesting session to visit. Direct link to the session.

Reporting best practices – Tani Iffat

Best practices… Who doesn’t want to know “the way it should be done”? I’ll be visiting this session for sure (if my time zone allows it haha). Direct link to the session.

80% of project management is communication and collaboration, so what can the Microsoft project do for you? – Ben Howard

What a title right? Might be the longest I have seen on the list, but so true. Communication is key, listen to what Ben has to tell you about this subject. Direct link to the session.

No process no Project! – Ken Jones

Yes, awesome title. I would have said the fool with the tool… but that’s just harsh. Hope Ken gives some interesting insights you will be able to incorporate in your own implementation. Direct link to the session.

Project virtual conference Track C – Automation, Workflows, Solutions and Apps

Project Online data visualization with FluentPro EPM pulse for PMO and executives – Anton Kravtsov

I have frequently used products created by the guys at FluentPro. Their reporting capabilities are great, have a look at what Anton has to offer. Direct link to the session.

Introduction to Project VBA – How to boost your productivity – Rod Gill

Rod is known for his book on Project VBA (still on my “to read” list). He is the go to guy if you want to program in MS Project, I hope the introduction will give you a great insight on the possibilities. Direct link to the session.

Resource manager vs project manager: Coordinate your team plan with project demand. – Vadim Bogdanov

An interesting title and in the heart of a lot of frustration. I believe every company would profit from a good allocation of resources across projects, but how to get those managers on the same page? Direct link to the session.

Microsoft Project for everyone – Daniel MacDonald

Yes please, that would be a wonderful world. And would make me a very busy consultant/blogger haha. Direct link to the session.

Program management with MS-Project server & Matan masterlink – Irit Kiselsein

I have played around with Masterlink in an early EPM 2010 version, and was impressed with the tool. I hope the presentation will spark an interest in Program management. Direct link to the session.

That’s it for now, I hope you will visit my own session at the Project virtual conference!

Kind regards,