Taking a little break

Hi Readers,

For those of you that follow my blog this didn’t come as a supprise. I will be taking a short break from blogging to take care of the new member of the household: Wendy!

Born on 12-07-2014 and she and her mother are doing great.

Wendy van Hurck

4 thoughts on “Taking a little break”

  1. Congratulations Erik ! One more pair of hands to post soon in your blog 🙂 Good luck and we´ll be patiently waiting for your return.

  2. Hi Eric, congratulations! Lucky guy! Hope everything is going well with your girls and with you! Nice picture and a beautiful name. I wish you and your wife and daughter all the best and happiness. Take care, looking forward to your reply and my book but take your time!

    1. Hi Andé,

      Thank you for the congratulations, life sure has changed with her in it. I’ll contact you shortly to get you the book.

      Kind regards,

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