Backwards scheduling vs Deadlines

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Every now and then this question pops-up: “Can I schedule from the end of the project,¬†backwards?”, or any variation of this question. Most of the time I am able to persuade the people in the training of the hardships you will endure when scheduling backwards. But then, sometimes it leaves me with this nagging feeling: Why do people keep asking this? Am I doing it wrong?

This post will explore the option of Backwards scheduling and the alternative I discuss during the training sessions. If you use backward scheduling or the alternative and would like to share your experiences please leave a comment in the comments section below.
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Hard Constraint vs. Deadline – Guest blog

Introducing my second guest blogger: Nenad Trajkovski from the blog: Nenad has been one of my favorite bloggers since I started working with MS Project years ago. I have retweeted a number of his very interesting blog posts on numerous occasions. He has a great style of blogging where he uses easy to understand images more than he uses words. So when we bumped into each other at the Project Conference 2014 I just had to ask if he was willing to do a guest post on my blog. Because my post on date related planning has seen some high attention lately I wanted to ask Nenad to share his view on the matter. Without further ado, here is his post.

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