Happy Easter and welcome to the new Project Corner Blog!

Hi Readers, welcome to the new Project Corner Blog!

It’s me, Erik van Hurck, you might already know me from the www.evanhurck.wordpress.com blog. But from now on I’ll be writing my posts from my very own domain and website:


Happy Easter from the new project corner blog

I’m still getting the hang of the new features I have at my disposal. And the things I took for granted that I now need to figure out for myself (spam filters; in place btw don’t even try it haha).

In the coming week I am going to figure out a couple of things. So the site might change from day to day. Please let me know if you like what I’m doing with the site, and if there is a feature that you are missing… let me know and I’ll see if I can/will add it to the site.

Again, welcome to the new site. I’m excited and hope you will be too!

Erik van Hurck