The Project Virtual Conference: A conference like no other

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This post will grow as time passes, in it I will share information I find interesting about the upcoming event. For those of you that are not aware: there is a virtual conference coming up! Entirely related to Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online. Have a look at the official site here, and don’t forget to sign up, it’s free!

The Project Virtual Conference 2015 #ProjVConf

Who is behind The Project Virtual Conference?

The team behind the conference is not Microsoft itself, but a group of MVP’s and Project celebrities. Lead by Prasanna Adavi, who we know from the Project Podcast, and supported by 7 great minds.
If you would like to know more about the team, head over here to get a nice summary of all members.

Who do I need to follow to get the latest information?

Because it is Virtual, you would expect there to be a lot of buzz on the social media. And this is indeed the case. #ProjVConf has daily updates on the event on Twitter, and if you want to get more information just start following @PrasannaAdavi, @LewisCindy or any of the other team members.

Why should you care about The Project Virtual Conference?

If you are reading this blog, and you are, you are a person interested in Microsoft Project, or it’s enterprise versions. And if you are interested in these applications the conference will be the location to get the latest and greatest content from Microsoft Partners, Consultants, Bloggers and Clients. There are more than 50 presenters on 3 tracks:

Track A: Schedule Management, Resource Management, Program Management

Track B: Cost & Benefit Management, Reporting and BI

Track C: Automation, Workflows, Solutions and Apps

Why do I care, if you care?

Simple, I am presenting! Woohoo.

This will be a first time for me speaking at such a big event, worldwide, with such great speakers as:

My session is in Track A, and will be about the blog series I did at the start of The Project Corner, called the five incorrect way’s of using Microsoft Project Stand alone edition. More information can be found here.
Please, if you are able to join my session, I would be very happy. And I would welcome any comment on my presentation style and overall feedback about the content.

The Project Virtual Conference sponsors

Here’s the list of the companies that make this event possible. Take some time to visit their sites they have great services and tools to help you with Project, Project Server and Project Online.

Gold sponsors:

Prize sponsors:

Promotion sponsor:

Final notes

Again, this will be a post that gets upgrades as time passes. I will include my “top sessions to watch” and as the sessions come available I will try and link to them here as well.

Here is the registration link to the conference, hope you will be able to join:


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