Book review: De Projectsaboteur (The Project saboteur)

Picture of de ProjectsaboteurI’m sad to say the book is currently only available in Dutch and I don’t know if there is an English translation on the way. However: If you are an international project manager and need to manage a project in The Netherlands, please read this book. This little book is a real gem. It’s to the point and a nice introduction in the subtle sabotaging ways of Dutch project members. And a great way to learn the Dutch language.

The book describes and advises on how to bring down a project viewed from a number of project roles ranging from the specialist to project member to the project owner. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not want you to bring any project down at all! The clue is “know your enemy”. And the book gives some great real world examples of how projects got cut before completion just because a person (or group of people) was capable of manipulating the project to a grinding halt. The book isn’t big and therefore the examples and information is missing some in depth analysis.

After reading this book I was able to pinpoint people that ware aversive to the project with much greater ease. So that’s a great result!

I give the book 3 out of 5 stars, if I knew how to ad them to this post :-).

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