Project conference eulogy

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——————– Update 11-06-2015 ———————–

A new Project Conference has been anounced! It’s completely virtual, let’s hope it’s going to be awesome again. I will keep you posted on more information as it comes available.


I wanted to share a short post about this, stressing that it is a sad time for Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Project Server fanatics. Today I got official word from the guys at Microsoft that there will not be any new Project Conference in the future.

Microsoft is focusing heavily on unification and cloud services these days, this by it self is a great leap forward and I do agree with these changes. However you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs. In this case, the eggs are the individual tools and services. The single biggest event coming up soon will be the Microsoft Ignite in Chicago, where Microsoft Project will have some presentations I believe, but I don’t even know this for sure.

Let’s take a step back into what the Project Conference has meant for me, and focus on why I believe it’s a bad thing the conference will not be renewed.

The first Project Conference I attended was in Phoenix in 2012, the picture of me on the blog was actually taken there :).


I didn’t have the blog back than, so I cannot remember every little aspect of the time there. However JSR was there, and we made contact with a lot of companies that build great solutions such as UMT. This was a trigger for JSR to change our approach on selling the Project Server platform and with great success. I still own the t-shirt I got from the Project fun run, and I believe I still have my room key “your key to success” printed on it somewhere.

Some great video’s that were taken durring the Phoenix 2012 conference can be found at:

Now in 2014 the conference was at Anaheim, and I did have the blog! So here is the link to all my blog posts about that conference. Here I met with BonnieNenad and Kenneth and a whole lot of other guys (Tom, time for you to write a book and for me to review it haha). JSR sealed the deal with TPG to be the provider of their services in The Netherlands and we had some nice drinks with our friends at FluentPro.

Here is the link to all the conference presentations and video’s, enjoy!

Some closing words

I believe that both conferences where an awesome boost for Partners (gold and silver) to create new value for their clients, and create memerable bonds with others in the trade. And let’s be honnest: Microsoft Project is a niche, if you are anything like me you know that a big event such as Ignite will never live up to the close community feeling we had with the Project Conferences. Just like the key note speakers used to tell us: “We are very happy to be here for the close community, one of the closest in the Microsoft universe” (not a direct quote).

BTW if you were wondering: I will not be able to attend the Ignite session, my colleagues Maurice and Rutger-Jan will be there. I hope they have a great time, if you see them; say hello I bet they would love to hear your stories.

Please Microsoft, reconsider canceling the Project Conference all together, there was so much energy and synergy. It would be a shame if that all goes down the drain.

And if you agree with me, and would like to have Microsoft reconsider, please let me know in the comments. That way we might be able to show some commitment to the community :).

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