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Hi Readers,

Here is just a short post that explains a little about the content of this blog. I write about a large number of toppics within MS Project, Project Server and Project Online. Every now and then I get a influx on writing inspiration and I write a big post. Most of the time these big posts are highly focussed on a specific subject, therefore I call them the “About …” posts. So far there are 8, most recently: About Cost resources. Continue reading About, the about posts on TPC

What are the best tools for project management?

This is the introductory post of a three part series. In it I will give my view on what (Microsoft) product matches your expectations on Project Management software. I will include my own experience and links to Microsoft pages or other blogs to give you a complete overview.

Edition 26-10-2016: I did another review, this time for Microsoft Planner. Please find the link in the list below.

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Units vs Peak units in Microsoft Project

Hi readers,

Here is a follow up post related to the post Using max units in Microsoft Project. In that post I talk about the max units of a resource in length. However as the post got bigger and bigger I knew I needed to do some follow up posts. This will be the first follow up.

I try to keep the post short because there is a lot of great content already available on the subject (to which I will happily refer at the end of the post). Continue reading Units vs Peak units in Microsoft Project

Book reviews on Project management and MS Project (server)

Hi readers,

As a consultant I try to read and know as much as possible about the subjects I’m considered to be an expert in. Apart from blogs and Microsoft TechNet there is a whole universe of project (management) literature out there to suite just that need. This is why I started doing book reviews!

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Five incorrect way’s to use Microsoft Project stand alone version

Hi there,

As a consultant you come across a lot of different projects/companies/people. I’ve been doing this for 5+ years and there are some flaws that keep popping up, regardless of the company, project or person.

In this post I would like to announce 5 of these flaws, the next couple of blogs will be dedicated to explaining and subsequently solving the situation.

Here we go:

Flaw 1: Date related planning

Flaw 2: Capacity as activity

Flaw 3:Lack of structure (Work Breakdown Structure)

Flaw 4: To much detail in the schedule

Flaw 5: No way back! Not using the baseline functionality

Edit: 12 November 2013

I got some really great responses on the flaws mentioned above. And some people have suggested new flaws. I will post about these flaws as well and ad the links to this post to give you a complete overview.

Flaw 6: using predecessors in summary tasks

Flaw 7: What’s your status? Forgetting to set a status date

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