Microsoft Ignite 2015

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Another exiting year for Microsoft! HoloLens, Office 2016, Windows 10, Surface 4. Ooohhh yeah! And where would you go to hear about, see and experience all this great new goodness?

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Project conference eulogy

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——————– Update 11-06-2015 ———————–

A new Project Conference has been anounced! It’s completely virtual, let’s hope it’s going to be awesome again. I will keep you posted on more information as it comes available.


I wanted to share a short post about this, stressing that it is a sad time for Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Project Server fanatics. Today I got official word from the guys at Microsoft that there will not be any new Project Conference in the future. Continue reading Project conference eulogy

Hard Constraint vs. Deadline – Guest blog

Introducing my second guest blogger: Nenad Trajkovski from the blog: Nenad has been one of my favorite bloggers since I started working with MS Project years ago. I have retweeted a number of his very interesting blog posts on numerous occasions. He has a great style of blogging where he uses easy to understand images more than he uses words. So when we bumped into each other at the Project Conference 2014 I just had to ask if he was willing to do a guest post on my blog. Because my post on date related planning has seen some high attention lately I wanted to ask Nenad to share his view on the matter. Without further ado, here is his post.

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The Project conference 2014 series

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I think I am not done yet with the Project conference 2014. Which was in February 2014. There was so many content that I am still working out the “aftermath weekend posts” and then there are the great meetings I had with TPG, Sensei Project Solutions, Projectum, FluentPro, EPMA, and i2e consulting. Continue reading The Project conference 2014 series

Project conference -aftermath weekend part 2

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This will be the last Project Conference aftermath weekend post, all video’s are posted on the Channel 9 website. So be sure to download and view any video’s that are of interest to you. The last post on the Project Conference will be about 2 level 400 video’s I watched and couldn’t leave undiscussed. Also I would like to give you a heads-up on some book reviews that will be coming this year. Continue reading Project conference -aftermath weekend part 2

Project conference – aftermath weekend part 1

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I love the “myPC” tool that Microsoft used to evaluate and present the sessions. Attendees can add a session to their calander and share it with other attendees and even schedule meetings (like I did with Cindy Lewis).

Further more,
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Project Conference – day 2 and wrapping up

First: a lesson I learned about blogging. Don’t promise a post a day if you can’t deliver. I’m sorry, day 2 was a very busy day that ended with a Technical Engineer singing Britney Spears’ “baby hit me one more time”. But I’m getting ahead on myself. Let’s start with Tuesday: So I actually did the run that was an idea by Jacques Goupil and PPM works. Well to be honest I did the short round. But it felt great to be running again. Continue reading Project Conference – day 2 and wrapping up

Excited for Anaheim Project Conference 2014

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I am excited! JSR has decided to send my CEO, Maurice Ausum (writer of the Office Corner) and me to go to Anaheim and visit the Project Conference 2014.

This is the event on Microsoft Project in the world. All the big names will be there including Gary and Eric.
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